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Starfield is an improved replica of the original Starfield Simulation screensaver that Microsoft shipped with earlier versions of the Windows operating system. It comes with modern accelerated graphics rendering and positioning, and a large number of options allowing you to adjust the number of stars, their speed, color and size, and adjust the FPS limit. Lowering the numer of frames per second can reduce the strain on your computer to run the screensaver. It also supports negative speed, making the stars move backwards.

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  1.   Starfield-1.1.exe (Windows)
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File nameStarfield-1.1.exe
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It doesn't work for me. The default screensaver settings don't detect this screensaver, and when you want to edit how this screensaver works, it seems to open a fake/unreal screensaver settings (I don't mean the Starfield settings here). It looks very cool, and wish it would've worked, but if it's not working at all, I can't really rate this good.

Ok, I found a solution.
The installer just didn't install it properly.
I put the installed .scr file in my System32 folder, and it all works now.

by Veldaren on June 1, 2020

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