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Flying Toasters Replica

This unofficial remake of the original Flying Toasters screensaver, first released in 1989 as part of the After Dark series of screensavers, features the familiar artwork of both the classic and the modernized versions. You can choose between "Modern Toasters" and "Classic Toasters" in the screensaver's settings menu, where you can also indicate how many toasters you want to see and how burnt the toast should be.

Price Free    Disk 1.74 MB    Windows for Windows    Downloads 5,635
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User reviews (10)


by charly on January 15, 2024

very epic

by hxuchudhcuhdchduishdihdiasdsah on March 6, 2023

Thank you for taking the time and recreating this classic. My only wish is that these would fly across all my screens.

by helen on November 20, 2022

Whoever made this Flying Toaster screensaver, I love you. I have all the After Dark screensavers and I can only watch them on my old IBM Windows 95 computer. I have wished someone would bring them out again. Berkeley Systems are long gone. Kids today do not know what they are missing.

by Kathy Del Favero on February 14, 2021

it doesn't have the charm of the original screensaver

by I Am Cardboard on January 31, 2021

This is by far my favorite flying toaster remake

by AfterDarkFan on January 5, 2021

how do you change settings to more than 5 toasters?

by Marissa on December 31, 2020

Love it! very well done! I use a Windows 7 Desktop PC, and this installed perfectly on it and works great... brings back memories of years ago when I used to have the entire collection of Afterdark screensavers on my old Windows PC.. I'm so thrilled that there are people out there like the maker of this screensaver, who used their skills to bring this awesome nostalgia back for us!

by Lisa Aug. on December 25, 2020

Wow, I absolutely love it!!! I used to have the Afterdark toaster screensavers on my old Windows . but after updating to Windows 7 , they weren't compatible.... forget Windows 10! Well this works perfectly.. thanks so much for making this for us- I never thought i'd see my favorite screensaver again.. This is just awesome!

by Lisa Augustine on December 25, 2020

Great, No virus. Works on Win 7.

by on April 17, 2020

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