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zz Pipe

zzPipe is a recreation of the classic 3D Pipes screensaver that used to be included in versions of the Windows operating system up to XP. It builds several pipelines on your screen simultaneously, in various colors against a solid black background, and slowly rotates them. The number of pipelines being built on the screen can optionally be customized, and both "Rotation" and "Nodes" (which connect individual pipes) can be toggled off.

Price Free    Disk 8.03 MB    Windows for Windows    Downloads 6,098
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Installation instructions

Microsoft Windows

  1. Extract the zzPipe screensaver file (from the ZIP archive you downloaded) to a folder of your choice. Do not extract to your Windows folder or you may not be able to change any of the screensaver's settings.
  2. Right-click the screensaver file where you copied it and select "Install".

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File name1141-zzPipe.zip
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User reviews (7)

Been looking for this. I ran it for a while, but it never produced a teapot. It can't be the real thing without the occasional teapot at a junction. 1 point deduction.
It is also very fast today. Good for eyeball excercise.

by ruggb on June 17, 2024

hahhhhahaaaaaaaaa i found it, and it is AMAZING, because ive heard a rumor going that this screen saver was included in windows 2000 and ive been on the hunt for this for sooooo long. But the only thing i dont like about it is that its really laggy, i donno why but it isnt smooth at all it jitters for some reason, for me atleast.

by pec-chest on May 22, 2024

this is VERY nostalgic, i love it :)

by awesome time on September 30, 2023

couldn't et the changes to stick for; number of pipes, or rectangular, in Windows 10

by me on September 12, 2023

I always loved this screensaver. I missed it on my screen but it's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Catherine on October 14, 2021

haha I'm so nostalgic make it for macs plzzz

by Pierre on April 26, 2020

Its great, but it only works on one screen. Would rate it 5 stars otherwise.

Screensavers Planet: It has since been updated to support multiple monitors.

by Bob Joe on October 15, 2016

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