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3D Pipes

Colorful pipeline structures are formed in 3D on your screen in this classic animated screensaver for Windows. The screensaver's settings panel allows you to customize the style and joint type of the pipes, and to use a custom BMP image file as its surface.

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Installation instructions

Microsoft Windows

  1. Copy the "3D Pipes" screensaver file to the Windows folder on your hard drive, then right-click it and select "Install".
  2. The Screen Saver Settings panel should open, and "3D Pipes" should be selected as your current screensaver.

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  1.   3D_Pipes.zip (Windows)
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File name3D_Pipes.zip
Target system Microsoft Windows
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Total downloads122,337
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User reviews (90)

Its amazing. Its nostalgic and it reminds me of when i was smaller.

by Carter on April 23, 2024

this is the most amazing work of art ever

by ronald on April 17, 2024

its a classic nothing more to say.

by daniel on April 9, 2024

Its great, its so fun!

by Moses on March 1, 2024


by tommy on February 17, 2024


by slim on January 12, 2024


by Noah on December 30, 2023


by Thomas McLaughlin on November 7, 2023

For people who are desperately seeking for the "teapots"-easteregged saver version of "pipes" : This was a special feature of the older OpenGL-Saver version of sspipes.scr in former windows versions. The teapot would appear randomly at pipe corners if the style propts. were set to "mixed" and resolution to max, tubes to multiple. At least on x64 machines, the OpenGL version has problems with screen cleanup. Addendum: The original filename sspipes.scr is NOT to be changed on the old OpenGL saver (in case you have both OpenGL and D3D versions of it installed with a distinct name)

by Bernd P on October 26, 2023

Its looks awesome

by Zaden on September 24, 2023

My beloved 3D pipes! I have windows 98 still; but I think the last time I tried it in XP, or 7, it ran at 33,000 miles an hour, lol! Did Microsoft make a change in windows 10?


by me on September 12, 2023

Owsome yes

by Hisyam on July 11, 2023

Good, but no teapots!

by Sam Hardy on April 11, 2023

5 stars [Best]

by braedyn on April 4, 2023

I have no idea why the rest of my screensavers display properly on my PC minus 3D Pipes and Flying Windows, when I wait they don't show up at all!

by MarianoKaz on March 16, 2023


by P1xel lolololololol on March 1, 2023

very nice and nostalgic

by PixelPietro on February 26, 2023

its cool

by luka on February 4, 2023

I grew up with this Screensaver, and I missed it for many years... I am very happy to see it again Ü

by Novak-Mortis on September 18, 2022


by derekelly@ rogers.com on August 13, 2022

It's horribly optimized, running quite slowly

by Jihad on April 28, 2022

Great, had it at work, and have always liked it.

by Rick on April 22, 2022


by Name on February 25, 2022

always liked it

by Myran Denham on February 6, 2022

Works great on Windows 11 Pro, just follow 3 very simple install instructions. Well done!

by jrrdw on January 26, 2022

I love this! Are the teapots still in it?

by Jen on November 29, 2021


by BLEH BLEH BLEH on October 12, 2021

Screen saver works in the preview section of the Screensaver settings but doesn't work normally anyone know a fix? Kinda weird. Otherwise it would be 5/5 if it worked

by Joe on October 12, 2021

It won't open

by Stephanie on July 2, 2021

Love it :) Love the candy cane when "textured" is selected but no texture is chosen. Can go super fast as well :) Excellently done, thank you so much!!

by Jim777 on April 8, 2021

Perfection doesn't have to exist for a 5 star review. Just dont leave reviews if you can't separate the ideal true perfection from 5/5 level satisfaction with a screen saver.

People like you cost hard working customer service workers their meager bonuses. Just dont leave a review.

by That Joe Dirt guy is an idiot on March 16, 2021

i really enjoy this. i got kind of scared when the yellow pipe got really close but then i remembered that it was just a simulation -- that's how realistic it was. it's crazy i highly recommend this.

by marcus nicolois on December 25, 2020

awsome,reminds me 2008

by aldric on November 10, 2020

Won't download

by Alan Davis on October 20, 2020

What can I say, I'm old school and I love this screen saver. Download and install worked great. I am a little disappointed that I haven't seen a teapot yet. Can anyone remind me what the settings are to enable teapots? I'm not sure I've done it right. Tnx

by Hattie on October 14, 2020


by a Windows 7 user on October 13, 2020


by Vouzc on August 28, 2020

I think this screensaver is very nice

by Theo on July 19, 2020

it didn't work. Win 7 kicked me out & it wouldn't load

by marty on July 5, 2020

This is nice! 10/10 I recommend it!

by David on April 19, 2020

i don't like it ..... I LLlLLOOOOoOVVvvEeE IT

by Muhammad Zain Rehman on February 18, 2020

God i really did miss this. i do so love they way the pipes go crazy from the start to the end and mix with other pipes. after all, chaos loves company. although... i had to manually turn it on every time....

by Andrew on February 13, 2020

GR8! I found a Windows 10 Easter Egg! Xmas Pipe Screensaver

by Donnachadh on February 1, 2020

love it

by Jack Grizzell on November 27, 2019


by toy on October 17, 2019


by its on October 3, 2019


by Jay Schiller on September 28, 2019

Doesn't let me use it as my screensaver, instructions don't work AT ALL.

by Blake Hutchison on August 31, 2019

This is NOT the Windows 98 version of 3D Pipes. This IS the Windows 7 version. The quickest way to tell is to look at the configuration page in the program. the Win98 version has a resolution setting, from coarse to fine. I was supremely disappointed when I lost the Win98 version as it is missing that fine setting.

Screensavers Planet: It's actually the Windows XP version (or Windows 2000, I'm not sure), which is a 32-bit application that can thankfully also be run on modern 64-bit versions of Windows like 7, 8 and 10, whereas the Windows 98 version of the screensaver was a 16-bit application that most of us would not be able to use today.

by Rick R. on June 8, 2019


by lucy on May 7, 2019

set the texture to a purple cloud file and it looks nice. would def recommend if you used to watch this back in windows xp era or if you like the neverendingness of the pipes.
works great for windows 7 home basic btw!

by pretty neat on March 23, 2019

every time I see this I hear pyro say "ASOT"

by Cameron Litchenberg on March 19, 2019

Nice! I missed my pipes. It's so nice to have them back. It's a classic. Thanks!

by Arthurne on March 17, 2019

Just like the original, I love it.

by Matthew on March 10, 2019

Thank you so much! Exactly like the original that I miss!!!

by lj on February 28, 2019

Great if the thing worked. downloaded and installed twice but guess win 10 is not having it. sucks.

by Greg on February 24, 2019

Awesome! Just like the original and easy to install and set up as screensaver.

by Lion's Gaze on January 31, 2019

Screensaver Filename: 3D Pipes.scr
VirusTotal: 0
Score: 4 / 5
Tested on: 2019-01-09
Operating System: Windows 10 Pro (full updated)

Perfection does not exist so I put the maximum score is 4/5.
Some of my clients will be happy with this screensaver.

by Joe Dirt on January 9, 2019

Works for me on Windows 10. Just like the old dayz! Thanks

by OldHead on December 10, 2018

I loved having this screensaver as a kid except that its slightly different I'd have given it 5 stars

by trayz on August 29, 2018

it don't work in any windows folder

by Rob on June 21, 2018

So nostalgic XD
And also satisfying
I remember when my mother had had on Win XP pc
I was young and this I remember very well

by Manuel Rumpál on June 13, 2018

Nice remake, would this be the original one I had given 10 stars for this screensaver!

by DG2YGX on April 15, 2018

good, it works. now i have a w98 on w7 :D

by ffff on March 8, 2018

nostalgic but it won't work

by tailzie on February 11, 2018


by austin on January 17, 2018

@mantininc Try using the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard

by Bighead on October 2, 2017

Love it. How can I take screen shots of the pipes. they disappear as soon as u move the mouse.

by mantininc on July 21, 2017


by GHANSHYAM PATIDAR on January 20, 2017

I like it, but for some reason it flickers and blinks. Is it because I use Windows 10? Other than that, it's a great screensaver!

by Fellow User on December 26, 2016


by Facebook on December 3, 2016

Best screensaver

by I Like on September 17, 2016

Its all right

by JP on September 9, 2016

I remember a version of the 3D Pipes had the "flex" option, but this one does not?

by Stephen on August 14, 2016

Nice cool

by arti on June 19, 2016

Very nice, but on my system (Windows 7 Professional) it doesn't start itself. I selected that it should start after one minute, waited three minutes and nothing happend. If I start it manually it works fine.

by Oleg on May 14, 2016

Superb,works perfect on my Win 7 pro.

by Advent on May 2, 2016


by Emily on May 1, 2016

This one worked great on both of my computers,1 running Windows 10 and 1 running windows 7 that is running 2 monitors and separate 3-D pipes screensaver windows.

by John Hill on March 27, 2016

omg ive been wondering how to get thing thing forever!! thank you!! but its ironic that the fist time i saw this screensaver was on a mac, lol

by Gr1m reaper1568 on February 12, 2016


by UDAY on January 28, 2016

How well I recall the good old days of MS Windows NT.

by Joichi Kawamura on December 1, 2015

Hmm... I downloaded the .zip file and dragged it to my desktop, there I extracted the file but nothing worked? Btw I am using windows 7, and I probably won't remember to check this so DM me on Instagram, @griffni

Screensavers Planet: For a screensaver to be listed in the Screen Saver Settings panel, you can either right-click the screensaver file where you saved it and select "Install", or move the file to the Windows folder on your hard drive (usually C:\Windows). Right-clicking the screensaver file and selecting "Install" has the added benefit that it will automatically open the Screen Saver Settings panel, so you could try that even after moving the file to your Windows folder.

by Instagram @griffni on November 6, 2015

Does anyone know if this version has the teapots

Screensavers Planet: To the best of our knowledge, this is the Windows 98 version of the 3D Pipes screensaver, and only the Windows 2000 version contained the teapot easter eggs. Unfortunately, Microsoft allegedly has a 'no Easter Eggs' policy now.

by burg0823 on October 29, 2015

flickers very badly. doesn't run smoothly.

by Jeff on September 21, 2015

I like the screensaver, only that it is not usable in windows 10. It flickers like hell.

Screensavers Planet: Unfortunately, there have been many complaints about flickering on Windows 10 for all kinds of full-screen programs, including games and screensavers. Please try updating your graphics drivers to the latest version.

by WOW on September 5, 2015

Love it, but does not work properly on windows 10.

by Richard on September 5, 2015

Great memories!

by Dr. Anonymous on September 3, 2015

Not working properly on Windows 10, it flickers and its annoying. However, didn't have any problems with Windows 8.

by Francisco on August 30, 2015

Best screensaver ever. Used to have it back in the day on my windows XP, and now I can have it everywhere!

by takabuschik on August 18, 2015

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