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zz Aquarium 2

Clownfish, angelfish and other common freshwater fish move through the screen horizontally in this free animated aquarium screensaver for Windows. Air bubbles float up from the bottom of the fish tank that, by default, features a tree stump and various water plants in the background. You can optionally change to a different background, like "Castle", "Coral", "Plant" or "Rock", via the screensaver's settings panel. No sounds included.

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User reviews (6)

i think it would actually be a good screensaver but every time i try and same settings or run the screensaver screensaver panel just stops responding

by phnl25 on November 6, 2023

Very static . Fish not swimming

by Bert Baas on November 4, 2023


by alex on March 12, 2022

Works fine except, I can't change the background. I go into the setting screen and change it. Click OK, but it doesn't save.

by Bob Smith on September 15, 2021

Not working on Windows 10 (64-bit)

by Bert on July 17, 2021

I like it

by Keith wingham on April 13, 2021

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