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XScreenSaver is a collection of screensavers that ships with most distributions of Linux and other Unix-based operating systems, but it has also been ported to run on Windows and Mac OS X computers. The collection includes more than 200 different screensavers created by Jamie Zawinski, who has also been maintaining the collection since 1992, and many other authors. On macOS, all screensavers can be installed at once, but this may slow down the Screen Saver panel. On Windows, you can only install one screensaver at a time.

Price Free    Disk 4.58-49.69 MB    Windows Apple for Windows, Mac    Downloads 6,625
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On Xscreensaver starwars 24 years ago

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User reviews (12)

Hi, Jamie, first I have to say that I am a huge fan of your stunning creativity, knowledge, sense of aesthetics and sense of humour, which, twenty years ago, told me a lot more than any words could, about what my experience with Linux and Linux people will be. And your site response to attempt to add analogtv taste to fantastic 15 yo hp mobile workstation I got recently, still alive and kicking, was like a cherry on top of the monument.
(and made me look for it elsewhere).
BTW, what recently happens about the webcollage screensaver, makes me feel old but happy of that I remember better times.

by Download Bot on November 21, 2023

I've read Jamie's reasoning. I don't agree with it as Apple is just as bad if not worse than MS. He's upset that Netscape went under and blames MS for Netscape's demise (and he isn't wrong).

MS included other things that affected other companies - dial up networking, networking and a clunky e-mail program. But I don't recall these other companies crying foul when MS included software that did the same...

MS wouldn't have run into as many issues if it hadn't made IE in such a way that it couldn't be uninstalled...

But I think Netscape played into it's own demise in hubris with 90% share of the market. Did it TRY to partner with MS? Nothing I've read indicates that.
I worked for a company that did the same - they were #1 and got comfy/lax and were bought up by another bigger company that retired the majority of their software portfolio.

But in the end, MS did what some companies do - they got lax and didn't update/innovate on the browser


by Phil on August 9, 2021

Xscreensaver is a fantastic piece of software, and well maintained. I am using it on Linux, I will not install it on Windows.

I do not understand the people who are blaming Jamie Zawinsky. All he does is stating that he does not like somebody to port his creation to Windows, and that he has his own reasons for that.

by Willem Vermin on August 1, 2021

Since Jamie Zawinski is a manchild. Someone needs to Photoshop him dressed like a baby. Preferably ABDL. :)

by XPUser on March 30, 2021

XScreenSaver is cool, Linux is cool, Jamie is cool, but we live in a Windows world. I can't run my favorite games on Linux, my media apps won't run on Linux so my 1 year old and wife who rely on my computer to play media throughout the house will be stuck with public television if I used Linux, so why should his grudge against Microsoft keep me from using it? As a developer myself, and someone who as adamantly anti-microsoft long ago, its time to let it go, dude. Microsoft isn't the same and unfortunately us living in 2021 rely on Microsoft. Hell, even my 1 year old.

by Michael on January 7, 2021

@Sum Gai: Who cares? Jamie Zawinski is a manchild who can't get over a 20+ year "grudge." He thinks he's sending a message to Microsoft by not making a Windows version of the program, but he's really just sending a message to PC users about how immature he really is. Seriously, sending soft C&D notices to sites that have the AUDACITY to create a Windows variant of his free program which he even states people are allowed to redistribute with credit. He's a complete joke. Then he turns around and makes a version for APPLE and GOOGLE devices, like they aren't mega corporations that have crushed small companies and abused workers like he claims to have been. A joke and a hypocrite.

by Nobody on March 26, 2020

For Tux Penguin, if they ever check back, or those curious.


by Sum Gai on January 23, 2020

Actually never mind, ignore my previous comment. The license does indeed allow any one to distribute it, not sure why Jamie has said this.

by Tux Penguin on September 2, 2019

Don't get me wrong, XScreenSaver is nice, but I think Jamie said on his website that he doesn't like it when people port his software to Windows... \_(._.)_/

by Tux Penguin on August 14, 2019

It's cool

by Alex on March 17, 2019

very good no virus used malwarebytes on premium! very good

by marcus on March 6, 2019

Well Done! it looks good!

by Seth on July 26, 2017

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