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Xmas Tree

A 3D-rendered Christmas tree decorated with snow colored balls stands in the middle of a room with winter-themed wallpaper. The screensaver rotates around the tree, showing it from various perspectives. The color of the wallpaper can be customized from the screensaver's settings panel (labeled "Box Image"), where the music can also be disabled.

Price Free    Disk 14.14 MB    Apple for Mac    Downloads 435
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Installation instructions

Apple Mac OS X

  1. Double-click the downloaded file to launch the install program.
  2. Click the "Continue" button twice, then click on "Install for all users of this computer" to select it, and click "Continue" again.
  3. The default install location should be fine for most users, so simply click "Install" now to begin installing the screensaver. You may be asked to enter your password so that the installer has permission to install the screensaver.
  4. Once the installation has completed, click "Close" to exit the installer.
  5. Manually open the "Desktop & Screen Saver" panel from the "System Preferences" screen to select and activate the "Xmas Tree" screensaver.

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File nameXmas Tree Screensaver.pkg
Target system Apple Mac
File size14.14 MB (14,821,798 bytes)
File typeApple Installer package (PKG)
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Total downloads435
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User reviews (1)

Seems like it would be nice, but unfortunately, it crashes on OS X 10.11.

Screensavers Planet: We can confirm this, unfortunately, after installing it on macOS Sierra 10.12.1. It used to work on previous versions, and it's unclear why it stopped working. We have submitted the crash report to Apple, but it may be simply be a compatibility problem or error in the screensaver that Apple cannot fix.

by Anonymous on December 9, 2016

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