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White Christmas 3D

In this 3D screensaver, stars shine brightly in the night sky in the background of a scene featuring a snowy brick house with a smoking chimney that sits near a brook. Lights burn inside and outside the house and a Christmas tree and snowman stand in front. Music plays as the camera slowly moves around the house, showing it up close and from further away.

Price 9.99 USD    Disk 30.13 MB    Windows for Windows    Downloads 2,083
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User reviews (4)

The best

by K on November 24, 2018

Great... but you didn't send me a code to open my product that I purchased.
My purchase was for the 3d Christmas screen saver, my order receipt is Order ID: 12977564 my email is jrudow@gmail.com. I will rate your product after I can try it. Please help right away.

by James Rudow on December 20, 2017

This screensaver and the Snow Village screensaver are the absolute best. I bought both of them and they're worth it.

by Guy Tribo on November 9, 2016

I downloaded one of the Christmas themes, scanned it, and installed it. I thought it was great for about 3 seconds when a big gray box came over it saying it was not an original version or words to that effect and that box would not go away. As soon as I clicked uninstall, the whole thing went away, and this was before the file had completed it's uninstall....very weird and scary.

Screensavers Planet: This is a free trial version of the White Christmas 3D screensaver and animated wallpaper. You will need to purchase and register the full version for the price listed above to get rid of the so-called "nag screen" you refer to.

by VicSh on December 4, 2015

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