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3D Christmas in the City

Fly through a city decorated for the Christmas holiday season in this 3D screensaver from GizmoZone. Snow falls down your screen as the camera flies above the evening traffic in the streets among the city's buildings. Weather conditions can be customized on a scale from "light fluffy flakes" to "insane blizzard", and the Christmas music can optionally be muted.

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User reviews (6)

I Love it and use it every Xmas season but please can you make it for apple and all smart phones??

by Crystal on December 7, 2020

Love this screensaver . Just wish there was a way to improve the resolutions .

Screensavers Planet: The resolution is set to 320x240 by default, which is quite low, but can be adjusted to 1024x768 via the screensaver's settings panel.

by kevin on October 31, 2019

Simply lovely. I use every year, when I begin to feel I need a bit of Christmas...
- Would it be possible to convert it for smartphones?
- What about stopping the movement instead of flinning around fron left to right all the journey?

But is very nice

by Raf on January 8, 2018

Love it, used it for years before I had an Apple Mac laptop, soooo miss it.

by Carolyn Farrell on December 8, 2017

Need the ability to use your own music!!

by Stone on November 10, 2017

I put this on my computer every year, love it!!!! Please make it usable for apple too?

by crystal on November 7, 2016

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