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Snow Village 3D

In the Snow Village 3D animated screensaver, the camera slowly flies over a winter town where people walk the streets or skate on the ice, and a Christmas tree and colorful lights have been put up. The town is bordered by the frozen sea on one side and by a forest on the other. Music plays in the background and fireworks occassionally light up the sky.

Price 9.99 USD    Disk 36.52 MB    Windows for Windows    Downloads 4,951
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User reviews (6)

I like a lot

by Deborah on November 19, 2018

**CORRECTION** Beautifully done, and I was even ready to shell out the ten bucks until the fireworks started. BUT...as it turns out fireworks can be disabled via the settings. I paid the money and it's worth it. 5 stars. Thanks!

by Jeff on December 9, 2017

I almost fell in love with this screensaver. The whole scene is 3D so the camera moves through the streets at beautiful angles. There's villagers that each have their own unique look and they mill around the town doing wintertime activities. So it was my favorite screensaver on here. BUT, only a minute into the screensaver, a big nag window pops up saying it's an unregistered version. The message window is big and stays there for the rest of the duration. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a screensaver when you have a stationary image that never moves? And the only way to get rid of the rather annoying thing is to spend money and buy the screensaver. Also defeats the purpose of a "free" screensaver when you can't even enjoy it for more than a minute before it intentionally annoys you. Two star rating for that. There are a million better ways they could have done this. A window that doesn't ever move defeats the purpose of a screesnaver.

by PK on April 27, 2016

Great effects

by john altopiedi on February 6, 2016


by wichian chaihan on December 29, 2015

love it!

by anna on December 25, 2015

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