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The Matrix

A small and fast Windows screensaver featuring the green "Matrix" cipher-code seen in the popular films by the same name, directed by Andy and Lana Wachowski and starring Keanu Reeves, among others. Optionally, you can add messages to be decoded and displayed in real-time. The color, size and speed of the green "rain" can also be customized.

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Matrix screensaver stress system32 years ago
Screensavers12 years ago
installed as an autocad script file13 years ago
unable to "paste" into windows folder?13 years ago
dual monitors13 years ago
Will not run23 years ago
matrix messages24 years ago
A better Matrix for all24 years ago

Installation instructions

Microsoft Windows

  1. Copy the "matrix.scr" screensaver file from the ZIP archive you downloaded to your Windows folder, then right-click it and select "Install".

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User reviews (108)

Ok works well, files .SCR must be placed in system32, not system32/fr-FR

by Laurent on June 12, 2024

Another matix

by Avinash on June 11, 2024

this is a cool screensavaer it still works!

by yo mama on June 9, 2024

Excellent. Looks great, and I like the ability to add in messages.

by caffeineglitch on May 29, 2024


by Robin on May 24, 2024

Works as expected. Just right click on file and select install. You may want to slow it down abit.

by Jimmi on May 18, 2024

It's amazing. Sometimes it lags but it's just my laptop with bac GPU and CPU

by ViscidCoder on May 13, 2024

Works just as I had hoped...no problems with installation. I was running the old Kelly version and had all kinds of issues with multiple screen set up and screen resumption. Cheers!

by Randall on April 11, 2024

good lol

by bryan, michael on March 8, 2024

looks great

by jeff peer on February 7, 2024

It's awful, it's just the same static pattern over and over again, no randomness, no parallax. Just terrible

by John on January 27, 2024

win11 version :after the screen saver been triggered in a few seconds,it will automatically exit its state as if i moved my mouse

by ggbond on January 11, 2024

It's perfect

by icyone on November 19, 2023


by noah on November 2, 2023

Works perfectly on Windows 10! not sure about Windows 11, though... it's extremely mesmurising to see the strings of code slowly form into a sentence. 5/5 stars! :)

by MichaelMinecraft190! :D on October 2, 2023

it is the best one I have seen

by R.B on September 28, 2023

not working

by ggg7 on September 25, 2023


by Leo on September 14, 2023


by Güler on September 9, 2023

usarlo como protector

by Nick on August 14, 2023

I absolutely love this screensaver!

by Edward on August 13, 2023

Screensaver in SCR format!!! Work with out problem in any Windows.
THX! Super

by Oleg on July 18, 2023

Its the best

by Hazieq on June 27, 2023

Great screen saver.

by Alex on March 25, 2023

brilliant thankyou

by jon on March 9, 2023

fanastic. simply copy to windows\system32 folder and restart. you will find the matrix screensaver option inside screen saver settings window.

by fh on January 20, 2023


by KRISH on January 9, 2023

I wanted to pretend to be in the matrix, googled "matrix screen saver". Followed the instructions and boom, I was done. I was little skeptical at first as I was reading a few comments that mentioned they were unsuccessful and faced some wrong turns. I am not a computer expert, but this has to be the easiest setup ever. I also have a couple of malware and virus protection software and did not detect any foul play.

If you are a TLDR type person. READ HERE. (follow and READ instructions.)
"Simple to install if you take the time to read the directions and follow them."

by Guillermo Barrera on January 8, 2023

Great! Works as intended! Downloaded to my Downloads folder at first, and then the Readme says to just place it in the windows directory. So I did, went to my screensaver settings, and it pops up right in the dropdown menu! The options are perfectly simple to mess with, and it looks legit! Matches my faux matrix rain idle colors on my SteelSeries keyboard. Thanks for the simple, and easy/user-friendly work!

by Erik on January 2, 2023

Excellent. And I like it because it installs into the Windows screensaver settings. Just fabulous!

by James Anonymous on December 23, 2022

It's mighty fine!

by Amandi on November 19, 2022

Make colors bright please

by Jason mauleon on November 15, 2022

A very nice screensaver, the 1st Matrixreste an event.
Easy to install, you unzip the file, then right click and choose Install.

by Herve on November 5, 2022

Terrible, you have to hack the matrix to get it to work. Needles to say it does not work unless you do several things to your files, and if you can follow the steps provided that are entirely inaccurate and unhelpful. You can't just download and select in settings. An install sequence of a path of installation would be greatly beneficial.

by x on November 5, 2022

Install option not showing!

by codeSyre on August 16, 2022

This is a really cool screensaver, works great for Windows 11.

by Clarissa on July 18, 2022

Great job!!

by Kosala on June 3, 2022

Impressive Work Sir!

by Natasha on May 30, 2022

work fin with 2 screen and we can add a massege, GOOD WORK

by bolbol on May 12, 2022

Freaking awesome

by Zeus on April 28, 2022

Like it

by Ratha on March 10, 2022

The author has a newer version on his site which is as good as this, but has some extra features.

by NanotechnicianHQ on February 23, 2022


by HARRY on February 11, 2022

work with multiple monitors

you can change speed,color, density, font size, and put a secret word that will sliglty appear on the screen,

by computer guy on January 21, 2022

I'm running a 38 inch curve at 4k resolution and this looks so damn good and the fact that there are settings for this screensaver makes this much more than just a plain screensaver. Easy to copy into the windows system32 folder and works like charm! Thank you

by Mark C on January 4, 2022

This screensaver is great! Simple but yet fully functional.

by Ray on December 24, 2021

Very customizable.

Uses around 12% CPU and 12% GPU at most.

by John on December 23, 2021

It works. Thanks a lot! Could you please also provide some help for using thise screensaver as a desktop background?

by Paul on November 16, 2021

I Love it Thank You

by Andrew on November 3, 2021

Something is "weird" with it, as after installation and tweaking to get it as i wanted it, all seemed fine. Though after reboot it's gone, the file itself is gone (except the downloadzip that i saved elsewhere) and the screensavers are off (got a different set than i had before, and no the matrix one isn't one of them, it seems like the old standard ones, though I deleted the windows ones which now have returned and ones that i could use before have disappeared).

I doubt it's a blackhat (114.5k dl's) and IF it is, the guy/gal is in for a suprise, was deemed a soft target at some point ages ago, had TAO in my network since (one of the "happy few" who got a SIGNINT msg). So if you're out there and this is malware of any sort - gl and i hope you make it out (note, not sarcasm).

Still 2 stars - for as long as it worked it looked as supposed and was well nice.

by Notanon on September 28, 2021

I am very impressed....!

by Phillip Gamble on September 12, 2021

Bit jerky on a 3 screen set up but a lot of fun to have, I need to watch the matrix again.

by b on August 15, 2021

-No install. just copy paste in Windows/system32
-Can have different colours
-Can change speed

by RS on July 30, 2021

simply perfect! no download huzzle, just a simple copy process, simple setting and best of all, it supports multiple display!!!!

by nemesis on June 25, 2021

Just great one.
Thank you.

by S.Sinan on May 24, 2021

pretty cool. straightforward practical and free

by user1 on May 1, 2021

Simply awesome !

by Alok on April 16, 2021

Great until it actually fills three screens, then it comes to a crawl.

by Justin on April 13, 2021


by ag on April 11, 2021

Pretty brilliant. thanks for sharing.

by Neo on March 22, 2021

Meh... I guess its ok.

by Somebody on March 15, 2021

Absolutely LOVE it :)

by Mozzie on February 27, 2021

It is soooooooooooo good I will download it.

by Fatehveer on February 23, 2021

i love this screen saver it is so cool because it's just like the movie that i have on dvd and it is so cool i love the way that it move's on my laptop computer thank you for showing me this screen saver i love it alot.

by lisa dreden on February 9, 2021

very good

by ProCluck91 on January 30, 2021

Has worked well and as advertised on all of my PC's (8) at the moment. I like being able to add your own message like but the words seem to come in random order. I wish you could have it appear in the order written. Simple to install if you take the time to read the directions and follow them.

by Chris on January 29, 2021

i wish you could have add options to change the colors. i love it coz it response so fast. thanks

by rafnex trent on January 23, 2021

I like it but hitting install brings up the screen saver option but I am unable to use it. It does not add the screensaver to the menu Please help

by Jeff on January 8, 2021

Cool screen saver!

by Mickey M. on December 30, 2020

The lines that fall on the matrix film have different speeds.
In this ScreenSaver the line speeds are exactly the same.
Apart from this flaw, ScreenSaver is good.

by João Vidigal on December 26, 2020

I like it

by zarko on December 24, 2020

its awesomeeeeee

by saint on December 22, 2020

I Really Like This Screen Saver It looks Really Cool & its Hard to Find a Good Screen Saver That Works Good With my monitor set up as i Run a 3+1 Monitors a 5760X1080 in nvidia surround for all my flight & Race Sims & a 1440p@144Hz For Every Thing Else all are 27' Panels & Like i said its a pain to find a good one that works & looks as good as this one and it Even let me add in the text The Matrix Has You or Follow The White Rabbit &again it looks really cool ..but then again im a bit of a matrix fanboy..lol.! I Just Want to say a Big Thank You to Who Ever Worked on this i think ya did a Great Job & Thanks Again !

by BigChew on November 23, 2020


by Graham on October 9, 2020

This one is awesome always wanted it so thanks again

by Jon Sandman FTS on October 3, 2020


by Clay on October 3, 2020

es muy bueno... en comparación con otros que descargue. lo recomiendo.

by Luis Madriz on September 15, 2020

Looks great - reminds me of the first movie. Simple and no nonsense. Runs great on Windows 10, HP I5 laptop bought a week ago. Thank you for providing this awesome software for free. Neo would have wanted it that way.

by Patrick on July 16, 2020

how do i get this to work for my laptop windows 10

by Mr. Cesar on July 11, 2020


by Someone on June 21, 2020

works great on dual monitor windows 10. coded message option available in settings. colour can be changed from green to other colours too.

by rawr on May 27, 2020

i love matrix screen saver

by chris nartey on May 23, 2020

It's blurry and all the numbers, letters and symbols are backwards.

by Mike on May 19, 2020


by Neo on May 8, 2020


by hoho on May 1, 2020


by nik king on April 21, 2020

Absolutely Brilliant :D :D :D

by Paul Kersey on April 17, 2020


by Szilárd Varga on April 14, 2020

I think it`s awesome, i`ve installed in the past and it works great!!

by Gulherme on April 14, 2020

its so nice

by noor shraf on April 13, 2020

This screensaver is awesome, but then the speed setting that can set to slowest, it is still way too fast, and the font that can allow is too small.....
any kind soul out there can improves it?

by Eric Ho on March 9, 2020


by simon on March 2, 2020

Amazing, thank you.

by Emjay604 on February 5, 2020

Just like the real thing! I half expect agent Smith to knock on my bedroom door. Try the 3D Matrix too...

by Gregory Romero on February 2, 2020

AWESOME!! LUV IT!! Thnx for creating!
Really like the settings for speed and density! Gr8 customizations!

by PCSolid.com on January 24, 2020


by my name on January 6, 2020

Great screensaver! Works beautifully with my multiple monitor setup. Even sent it to my brother to install!

by Nick on January 5, 2020


by SUNIL YADAV on December 25, 2019

Love it, one of the first things I install on a fresh machine

by Dan on December 16, 2019

Works great on Win 7 and three monitors

by Fenton Queue on November 27, 2019

Works great on my windows 10 64 bit w/ multiple screens.

by D BROWN on October 9, 2019

Does not work with multiple screens :(

by Neo on September 5, 2019

I loved it, it's just beautiful and customizable.

by Dvini on May 11, 2019

It's pretty good

by Tretus on May 1, 2019

Ok this seems to work...;)

by Jason on December 23, 2018

This Matrix screensaver is only 90k and runs efficiently. It has a good selection of settings. I copied the matrix.scr file to my C:\Windows\SysWOW64 folder and it runs fine in Windows 10 64-bit. Multiple monitors are supported. This is a good choice.

by Ben on October 25, 2018

Great screensaver. Tons of settings. Absolutely get this if you're looking for a Matrix screensaver.

by Anon on May 5, 2017

This is an awesome screensaver. It's free, has support for multiple monitors and has a wide range of settings to change, including text color and font. I recommend this screensaver for those looking for a good matrix screensaver that has multi monitor support. Thumbs up from me!

by Anonymous on March 25, 2017

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