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The Matrix 1.14

This highly customizable Matrix screensaver from Meticulous Software includes a recreation of the title screen from The Matrix, the 1999 science fiction film starring Keanu Reeves as Neo. The title sequence is followed by a trace program sequence, using a 10-digit phone number that you can adjust, and then the code emulation starts. You can customize the speed and variability of the "digital rain", along with the density and color. The starting sequences can optionally be skipped, and you can configure the screensaver so that Windows enters its power save mode after a certain number of minutes has passed.

Price Free    Disk 0.46 MB    Windows for Windows    Downloads 13,096
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User reviews (17)

Not Bad At All
prety small footprint and doesn't hog the memory

by Hipokondriak on June 7, 2024

been using this for years and years. Its the best looking and most functional in my opinion.

by mat on May 31, 2024

This is amazing, I wanted to update my old clunky one & this on I can turn red + pink highlight to match my RGB room. I absolutely love it!

by Rylan Taylor on April 9, 2024

Better than expected because of the beginning. Perfect! Won't even look the others...

by Renan on March 22, 2024

i've used this screen saver on every computer i've owned since 2003. i love it, it's always worked, and it's an old friend. i'll be super sad when it finally stops working with the newer versions of windows :(

by george on January 1, 2024

The best one I've ever found!

by AB3L on September 20, 2023

I think the screensaver is epic! However, it does not work for dual monitors and does not work with displayfusion. Maybe I'm doing it wrong?

by m on May 13, 2023

Went to preview the screensaver, it wouldn't exit when I moved the mouse or when I hit a key. I ended up having to click which lagged the program enough for it to become unresponsive, thus I was able to kill the preview that way. A screensaver shouldn't lag a PC that badly and I had nothing resource-intensive running at the time. Borderline malware, do not download.

by Jeff on February 3, 2023

if you go to the actual website, there's a new version 1.15 that was updated in 2020, crazy this guy is still updating this!

meticulous-software dot co dot uk

by Jon on January 10, 2023

I've not messed with this since a windows xp machine. This brought back some memories. Fantastic, working with my windows 10 machine 22H2.

by jon on December 14, 2022

the best of all the matrix Screensavers, allot of customizations looks good best performance( compared to the other 3), thank you.

by maplay on May 3, 2022

Absolutely amazing. The best.

by Camilo on August 5, 2021

most cool matrix code as i can find. rigft in firs part of movie

by Vadim on June 18, 2021

This is the best Matrix screensaver you can find. This is the first thing I install after reinstalling Windows and it's worked for years and years, no issue.

It looks proper, allows fully customizable trace program, no crap, just perfect. Thank you whoever made this, I'm going to be heartbroken if it ever stops working due to an update.

by Jon on June 3, 2021

Really cool

by Saeed on May 27, 2021


by Michael Shen on January 3, 2021

The screensave is awesome but not compatible with Display Fusion. I want the screensaver to span all monitors, but the option is not available with windows 10.

by Rich Nadeau on July 7, 2020

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