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SaveHollywood allows you to play movies when OS X goes into screen saver mode. You can define a playlist of video files, and have them play in order or randomly, and even continue where it stopped the last time. Supported file formats include .mov, .mp4 and .m4v, videos can be displayed in "full screen", "fit to screen" or "actual size" mode, and SaveHollywood additionally provides support for Retina screens and multiple monitors.

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Unable to choose video12 years ago

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User reviews (6)

To get Save Hollywood screensaver to show a video with Sonoma try setting it up in System Settings - Screensaver as usual - shut down, then pull the plug on your Mac for 30 seconds. Plug back in and after fully started, see if it plays your selected video.
Worked for me!

by Dave on April 14, 2024

When will you have v2.6 update for Mac OS Sonoma? Mohave was wo four years ago. Come on guys. Grrrrrr. :(

by Bartley on December 20, 2023

it does not work. I can see video thumbnail in settings, but in preview it says "no video"

by ilya on August 11, 2023

I'm running macOS Monterey 12.6 and it won't allow me to add my video. The + button opens but will not allow me to "Add". I can drag and drop the video into the queue but when I preview it or allow it to go to Screen Saver, I only have a blank screen that says "No Video". The video seems to meet all of the technical specifications and I'm at a loss for why it won't work.

by Doesn't work on March 12, 2023

I have MacOS Big Sure Version 11.6.2, if this helps in any way.
The problem is: I press add and the mp4 format files does not do anything.

by Whenever I press click nothing on January 29, 2023

Works great. I am using this several years now.

by Foeke on October 19, 2022

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