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Plasma HD

This animated screensaver features a 3D, blue-colored plasma effect in an endless loop, drawing intricate patterns on your screen. If the screensaver does not fill up the screen, enter its settings panel, click the "Position" tab and select "Resize to fit screen".

Price Free    Disk 20.18 MB    Windows for Windows    Downloads 8,356
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File namePlasma HD.zip
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User reviews (9)

Doesn't work...blank screen

by Biff on January 9, 2021

Do not download...highjacks your screen by hiding your screen behind a screenshot of your screen that you cannot get of...unless you are really good with computers.

by PEagle on September 29, 2020

Nice black Screen!

by Rib on September 13, 2020

Works fine and look amazing

by Hugo on July 28, 2019

Runs fine on Windows 7. People saying otherwise don't have the old ActiveX Flash Player installed. (Version 3.) System47 screensaver includes it - install that one, and many of these other ones will work.
This screensaver is decent - it doesn't fill my ultrawide monitor, but perhaps I'll try it on an old laptop.

by dracho on January 7, 2019

Does not work on Windows 7. Caused screen to go black, tossed up file not found error, and then would not release the screen. BUGGY

by Havoc on August 23, 2018

Black screen.

by Rob on May 3, 2017

On Windows 10 does nothing except display a black screen

by Bob M. on August 10, 2016

Only displays two blank screens on my multi monitor Win10 system

by Stefan Scherling on May 21, 2016

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