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Kaleidoscope 95

Kaleidoscope 95 turns your screen into a kaleidoscope, featuring endless and unique variations of color and movement. Dancing, spiraling figures fill the screen with every color of the rainbow to hypnotic effect. The screensaver is highly configurable, but you can also choose from a number of "favorites", pre-defined configurations like "Fireworks", "Rainbow", and "Big Mess", or have one selected at random when the screensaver starts.

To register the screensaver and unlock all features, enter the screensaver's settings menu, click on the box in the bottom right corner where it says "©1995 Syntrillium Software Corporation", then enter the following information, as noted in the included text file:

Registered User's Name: tHATDUDE!
Registration Number: HYSAK

Price Free    Disk 0.06 MB    Windows for Windows    Downloads 4,827
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How to display screensaver on dual monitors?11 year ago

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User reviews (9)

When installing this gorgeous screensaver, the text file tells you to register to unlock all features and to remove the 'Unregistered Copy' message. However, registering requires a .hlp file that does not appear to exist making registration virtually impossible.

by Lew on April 8, 2023

This screen saver was never included with Win 95.

Seems to work ok under Windows 10 but you cannot cycle the colours on the screen (like you used to be able to do). This means the lines appear static and lose a lot of the movement they used to have.

by Zplintz on February 2, 2022

Something (else) to consider ...
This SS (and (many) others as well)
can be (even more) awesome by tweaking TRANSPARENCY!!!
WinSet, TransColor, 000000, ahk_pid %SSpid% ahk_id %SSid%
WinSet, Transparent, 130, ahk_class TForm ahk_pid %SSpid%

Such tweaking involves using SCRIPTS to invoke/tweak the SSs.

By using SCRIPTS one can also (in some cases)
run more than one SS simultaneously :o

by AnNa on April 8, 2021

Luv this ~ (even more now withOUT the NAGscreen) ...
ALSO ~ this ScreenSaver is one of the rare ones that
does NOT close automatically upon "losing focus"
or mouse movement !!! :)

by AnNa on April 6, 2021

how do I slow it down?

by Amy on March 18, 2021

You're looking for a (new) screensaver?
Then try this one!
It's pure magic and all the configuration possibilities will drive you crazy.
It's not only a screensaver but a wonderful toy for hours on end ...

by Alf aus Mannheim on August 13, 2020

This version 1.0, was dated 1995-10-26.
There was a newer version 1.1 released, dated 1996-10-01.
Here is a repack of that version 1.1. It will install under windows 64 bit.
The setup of this repack can also be unpacked with 7-Zip, WinRAR or another archiver. The archive comment contains additional info.



by Rif on June 21, 2019

NOT ACTUALLY FREE must pay to eliminate popups

Screensavers Planet: A code that you can use to unlock the full screensaver can be found in the "Read me first" text file that is included in the ZIP file.

by holy on June 13, 2019

This screensaver was included in windows 95. I have been looking for it since. Thank you

by Jimmy Roberts on November 29, 2018

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