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Electric Sheep

The Electric Sheep screensaver features morphing abstract animations called "sheep" that are formed collaboratively by thousands of users around the world, and their computers. Users can vote for the animations, created by all participating computers, using the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard, and thereby influence the evolution of the flock. Also, users can optionally design their own sheep and submit them to the gene pool.

Price Free    Disk 13.61-29.05 MB    Windows Apple for Windows, Mac    Downloads 13,619
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How to take a screenshot within electric sheep screensaver?12 years ago

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File nameelectricsheep-3.0.2.exe
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User reviews (7)

This is a very weird program. Supposedly it downloads "sheep" over night, but I'd have to wait to tell you if it does and how it looks, make sure my pc doesn't go to sleep in case a sheep shows up, and won't be able to edit my review. You have to start an account, and it confuses you to make you think you need a paid account. This is way more complicated than it needs to be. Give me a free package, I don't need to download and delete something every day, save that for your gold customers.

by Canna on June 24, 2023

The idea is awesome, but if you aren't willing to buy a subscription it displays at about 800x600 resolution. Not great to look at in 2021.

by Josh on October 5, 2021

Beautiful - when it works.

Electric Sheep at full pelt is like no other screensaver you've seen. It is beautiful and astounding and, seemingly, endlessly inventive. So what's the problem? Simply that... well, the purpose of a screensaver is to save wear and tear on your screen. And unless you reload it every week (perhaps more often for all I know) Electric Sheep cannot be depended upon to turn itself on.

A good monitor, left on all night and burnt out because protective software was not fit for purpose, is a very expensive loss. After Electric Sheep has pulled this stunt a few times, you know the time has come to leave to the farm gate open and replace it with something more prosaic. It's a real shame.

by Stephen Jackson on November 3, 2020

This works incredibly well:)

by Frances on April 15, 2016

Setup was a little confusing and I had to make it the default SS before it would appear at all, but it works well for me and it supports dual-monitors with either cloned images or independent images. Speed is adjustable via FPS setting.

by John on January 6, 2016

It did not work after down loading and I am not willing to wait hours for it to work. I think its a joke.

by Brian on December 14, 2015

Fine so far

by Nancy on November 19, 2015

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