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Digital Clock-7

This digital clock screensaver comes courtesy of Style-7 and shows you the current time in 12-hour format, along with the date and day of the week, in a large font that's easy to read even from far away. The font and color used for the clock can optionally be customized, and if you want to hide information such as the AM/PM indicator, the date, day of the week, second count or flash delimiter, then you can do so via the settings menu.

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Poteva essere bello111 months ago
screen saver will not start up14 years ago

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User reviews (18)

couldnt get it installed myckdom.com is blocked This page has been blocked by an extension

by tony on February 16, 2024

Super Gut!

by OxO on December 14, 2023

only english and don't use system date format dd/MM/rrr :(

by Tomas on July 1, 2023

Windows 10 working when after installation:
1. We will set the screensaver in the system.
2. We will copy the file Digital Clock-7 from the folder C:\Windows\System32 to the folder C:\Windows\SysWOW64.
3. Let's rename the file Digital Clock-7 in the folder C:\Windows\System32 for another, for example: 1Digital Clock-7

by Erick on January 20, 2023

It does not work on the Dual Monitors.

by TT on March 3, 2022

Doesnt work on Windows 10

by TolisQ on October 16, 2021

I love it, but for some reason it will not work on 2nd desktop PC. It shows in the menu but will not open.

by John Thomas Carter on September 7, 2021

I used to love it, but recently i can't get it to work at all :(:(

by John Thomas Carter on May 31, 2021

An excellent, simple screensaver.

by P.B. on December 13, 2020

Very interesting and beautiful

by Hayat on August 28, 2020

It's good, it shows the time and everything like an actual clock, but I wouldn't use it over a long time because it doesn't move

by Noah Hill on August 28, 2020

Thanks very much for this just what I was looking for

by Hyacinth on May 24, 2020

The main purpose of a screen saver is to prevent screen burn by moving the content around the screen.
I would use it but it's not really a screen saver.
Digital Clock 7 doesn't move.

by William on April 18, 2020

excellent, but so it can make it perfect, it will be good to show the temperature according to each region.


by Jose on February 16, 2020

Hi, its super. Is there a way to change language of days?

by MattC on November 27, 2019

Nice. Is there a way to control what is displayed at the sign-on screen? System account not user account? [HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT

by Jack Henry on November 19, 2019


by Kishore on June 28, 2019

i had recently gotten rid of my cable boxes in lieu of modern/cost effective programming solutions and became aware of how useful the lcd clock had been, one of my monitors had sat on the cable box in my room, it now runs this screensaver... problem solved! i love the ability to change fonts, colors, and displayed information. This screensaver is simple yet effective! (Windows 10)

by Rionx on June 29, 2018

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