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Padbury Clock

A basic digital clock screensaver from Australian American designer Robert Padbury that displays the current time in an elegant and legible font, in either a 12 or a 24 hour format. It includes a "Light" (default) and a "Dark" theme, as well as a Night Time Mode that displays the time in red from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM. Time separators can be enabled, and if you have multiple monitors you can opt to display the screensaver on your main display only. The Windows implementation from IcoFX Software has the same features as the Mac original.

Price Free    Disk 0.04-1.18 MB    Windows Apple for Windows, Mac    Downloads 96,522
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How do you add screensavers on windows 1111 year ago
Is it possible to remove the Seconds?12 years ago
не поддерживет данную версию мак33 years ago

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User reviews (28)

Avast Antivirus sometimes diagnoses it as mal-ware when the screensaver works.

by User on June 30, 2022


by zara on April 30, 2022


by Yaser alaieri on April 12, 2022

Doesn't work for the 2021 MacBook Pro.

by Jaelyn on December 25, 2021

it is a very simple and beautiful screensaver, while i do hope it can be provided with a setting that can shadow the changing of second,which only shows the hour and minute. with that, the screensaver can provide a better using experience for people that suffer from ADHD.

by clowzzz on November 15, 2021


by macey on November 14, 2021

I love this screensaver but it stopped working when I updated to the current version of Mac OS :( please update!!!

by Olivia on August 29, 2021

I love this screensaver but it doesn't work with the current version of macOS. Please update!!

by Keren F on July 10, 2021

does not work with current version of macOS. very disappointed

by Nikki on June 30, 2021


by kate on June 18, 2021

soo cute

by kiki on May 18, 2021

Its cute but not how I like it.

by . ‘ 🗝. ✌🏾. 🅜🅨. on April 21, 2021

Very nice-looking, smooth screen saver. Easy to install. Thank you!

by Nicholas on March 19, 2021

This saver works good on my legacy pc's I gave it 4 stars because no am or pm options, none that I can find in options. not a big deal as I really like the simplicity of a large basic easy to see clock. guess i should have gave it 5 stars.

Discontinued flash stops other screensavers from working on windows?
OK so, I installed an older active X version of flash. such as- Flash Player for Internet Explorer - ActiveX. I uninstall all prior flash versions before installing the IE active X version. this worked on my legacy systems winXP, vista, win7. (32 bit) versions. I have about 50-100 various savers the flash base savers all started working again- to no surprise.

Can't find Options?
Alternatively, Dark theme Options can be found by right click on the "padbury.scr" file and selecting configuration. The" padbury.scr" file located C:\Windows. at least on my windows 32 bit x86 systems. would think same is true for newer 32 bit OS versions but don't know for a fact "untested". as for 64 bit windows version, don't know never looked.

I frequently use legacy 32 bit OS because have "lots" of vintage software that works best within the legacy hardware perimeters :)

by Alan on February 9, 2021

Great nonflash screen saver.

by thefishman1987 on January 15, 2021

Because Adobe Flash is no longer a thing, this is the only screensaver that works.

by Asha on January 13, 2021

Minimalist, but the only one that finally works!!

by Mark on June 15, 2020


by Tommaso on March 26, 2020

This screensaver was one of the only ones that would actually work on my computer! I love it so much!

by shea on March 24, 2020

molto inteligente e utile

by naman on February 11, 2020

how do i activate dark theme mode on my mac?

by JN on November 23, 2019

Love it. It helps me with knowing the time in the night.

by Kekschen on June 3, 2019

Please make that Padbery Clock Works under Windows XP. Thank You !!!

by Ralf Hamerla on April 22, 2019

Very minimal and clean

by Matthew on March 25, 2019

hey adam i think you had the little clock in the apple preferences itself turned on, bc there is no second clock in this screensaver. in the apple preferences in screensavers it says 'show with clock' and i think you had that turned on

by hey adam on January 24, 2018

Great ScreenSaver! Very Clean, Awesome for work laptops or desk laptops.
Although, they don't tell you that there is a smaller clock right below it. For Example, 02 13 12
2:13 pm

by Adam on October 31, 2016

It is absolutely amazing

by Ankit C on September 9, 2016

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