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24-hour system challenge

I have a Windows 10 platform. As I installed screensaver I instantly wanted to change the mode for 24-hour system, because AM PM thing is only a Christina Milian song to me, I don't understand this post meridiem Latin thing. The box reserved to change the basic feature does not work. I had a real mechanic Siemens flip clock in the 80's ( and it worked without any complaint. Is this a known issue?

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noAlex4 years agoWindows 10 x64, Firefox

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  • Hello noAlex,

    When you say the box does not work, what happens exactly? When I check the box, the clock in the preview above it instantly switches to a 24-hour format. I can then close that window, and when I launch the screensaver it's still in that format.

    At the bottom left of that same window, the version number should read 1.3.3.

    I tested it to work on Windows 10. It's not a known issues as far as I'm aware.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)4 years ago

  • The box (rather small window) opened alright (meaning: settings started OK). To choose the 12/24 hour display I checked the 24-hour square. I shut the settings window, then accessed preview: the clock still was at 12-hour mode. There was not much I could do else than accept that. It was such a simple procedure. Maybe my platform has a glitch. Another clock .scr also behaved strangely. There was similar type of option in Panerai clock: sound/no sound. That change also did not work. Clock was silent. My 3rd choice zzWatch worked perfectly: it obviously was a 24 hour clock from the start. No big deal. Last time I tried screensavers it was Windows (6) Vista. I would rather not get political, but in today's world many options are illusionary and only one perfect choice is prepared for you. 😉

    noAlex4 years ago

  • Fliqlo installs itself into the SysWOW64 folder that's contained within the Windows folder on your computer hard drive. These are protected folders that only users with administrative rights have access to. You successfully installed the screensaver, so presumably you do have those rights, but the fact that all the screensavers are unable to permanently store their settings does suggest a permissions problem.

    One thing you could try is to first uninstall the Fliqlo screensaver, then download the standalone .SCR file here. Extract the "Fliqlo" screensaver file from that ZIP archive to a folder on your computer where you don't need administrative access rights, e.g. your Desktop or Downloads folder. After copying the file, locate it in the folder, right-click it and choose "Install". The Screen Saver Settings panel will pop up, where you can select Fliqlo, and hopefully you can then change its settings permanently.

    I'm unable to replicate the issue so I don't know what the actual chances are of this fixing anything, I'm afraid. Might be worth a shot anyway!

    If it doesn't work, hopefully zzWatch will suffice. If not, there are over a hundred free clock screensavers for Windows you could try. Some will default to a 24-hour mode.

    Let me know if you need any further assistance.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)4 years ago

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