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Analogy Clock

This black-and-white clock screensaver by Jesson YIP displays the current time in a unique circular fashion, using the digits of a digital clock but positioning them where the hands of the hours, minutes and seconds would be on an analog clock. You can optionally invert the colors of the screensaver so that white becomes the background color.

This screensaver requires the Adobe Flash Player that is no longer supported. It probably won't work.
Price Free    Disk 1.68-2.33 MB    Windows Apple for Windows, Mac    Downloads 12,980
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Analogy Clock23 months ago

Anti-virus report for Analogy Clock

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Virus scannerInstall Analogy.EXEanalogy_screensaver_osx.zip
MalwarebytesMalware.Heuristic.1004 *
Last scanned1 week ago2 weeks ago

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We have 2 files for "Analogy Clock"

  1.   Install Analogy.EXE (Windows)
  2.   analogy_screensaver_osx.zip (Mac)
File report #1
File nameInstall Analogy.EXE
Target system Microsoft Windows
File size1.68 MB (1,764,878 bytes)
File typePortable Executable (EXE)
Detection ratio1/14 (7.14%)   View report
Total downloads8,536
Last downloaded3 hours ago
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File report #2
File nameanalogy_screensaver_osx.zip
Target system Apple Mac
File size2.33 MB (2,443,374 bytes)
File typeZIP archive
Detection ratio0/14 (0%)   View report
Total downloads4,444
Last downloaded1 day ago
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User reviews (7)

This has been my all-time favourite screensaver until apple decided to ban flash software all together from their devices. Such a pity that there is no update for this screensaver for it to work on the latest mac as it has been one of the most minimalist beautifully crafted wallpaper designs i've ever seen.

by florin on January 22, 2020

It appears to need or use Flash to work. So, if you've dispensed with Flash like I have, this might not work great for you.. or, at all.

by Myr on July 30, 2019

I wanted something a bit different that served a purpose other than just hide what is onscreen. This looks great and works like a charm!

by Greg on July 8, 2019

If it doesn't work on Mac, it's likely that it's outdated and is not compatible with the newest screen saver engine of your OS. The author must rebuild it from source with a newer Mac OS X version as a target.

by Simon on November 11, 2017

Used to be my favorite, but I can't get it to work on High Sierra (beta).
Clues anyone??

by Rob on September 14, 2017

So elegant! One of my favorites.

by Kpop on August 21, 2016

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