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System 47

System 47 is a freeware Star Trek LCARS screensaver for Windows and Mac OS, created by MeWho.com, that simulates the Library Computer Access and Retrieval System (LCARS) that serves as the primary computer system in the universe of Star Trek's Starfleet and Federation. It includes eight animation sequences that the screensaver randomly cycles through, including a Sector Scan, Star System Analysis, Milky Way Galaxy Map, and more.

Price Free    Disk 1.34-1.93 MB    Windows Apple for Windows, Mac    Downloads 15,025
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  2.   system47.dmg (Mac)
File report #1
File namesystem47 v2.2_setup.exe
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User reviews (23)

I think they are very cool BUT, get this error message 'You can't open the application "System47 v2.21for OSX Installer" because PowerPC applications are no longer supported.

Which means I cannot install it would have been 5 stars otherwise

by Mijkol on October 10, 2019

Nice screensaver, but it doesn't work on triple monitors with Win10. It displays on two monitors, with different screens on each which is nice, but leaves the third monitor displaying the desktop.

by Chew on July 15, 2019

Wish it worked on OS X

by Stephanie Ross on June 27, 2019


by Austin the anonymous on June 20, 2019

doesn't work with Mojave.

by Paul on March 22, 2019

I would love to have it on my Mac - but it does not support OS 10.14.
Very sad... I would give 5 Stars, if it would work....

by Frank on March 4, 2019

Excellent screen saver. Nice pictures and sounds. Installs perfect in win 10.

by Dan Lester on February 2, 2019

Looks really cool on my big screen that I use for my monitor of my Windows7 computer. It takes up abour 3/4 of the screen but not all of it. Is there any way to adjust it to full screen?

by Perry R. on December 12, 2018

This System47 screensaver does not work with newer versions of the MacOS like 10.14.
I wish it worked.

by joe mama on November 29, 2018

Please update this app. Current file is for OS9 only. Won't open in OSX...

by Dave Land - Land Computer Serv on November 21, 2018


by george bo on October 16, 2018

I think it is neat

by POM on September 21, 2018

Me ha gustado mucho y está muy bien realizado. Enhorabuena.

by plep on September 10, 2018

PowerPC apps no longer supported

by A B on August 7, 2018

love it! All the sound is great! I leave it on at night when i fall asleep and i feel like im on the enterprise. The hum of the engine in the backround is very relaxing for me.

by No one on March 9, 2018


by foghorn17 on February 22, 2018

Says it will only work for Power PC, must be an old screensaver

by Nate James on September 7, 2017

Just fantastic!

by Jean Luc on July 10, 2017

Okay.... but my Mac OS X Mavericks Macbook Air uses Intel the install uses PowerPC. PowerPC has been ditched by Apple Inc for long.

by Alex on April 22, 2017


by joetan on December 28, 2016

This looks great. The video preview had me excited. Sadly, the installer won't execute on Mac OS. Apparently the installer is a PowerPC application... these haven't been supported for many years.

by Les on September 24, 2016

Very cool, easy to install and the audio has an option to turn off. Personally I have it on right now, love to feel like I'm on the bridge, lol.

by ChristheKhajiit on August 10, 2016

This is amazing. Perfect for my gaming laptop.

by Spacehead on April 1, 2016

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