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A classic screensaver for Windows that draws and animates colorful polygon lines on your screen against a black background. Choose between two polygon shapes, and optionally set the number of lines and the colors to use via the screensaver's settings menu.

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It dosent work11 year ago
Mystify screen saver on Windows 766 years ago

Installation instructions

Microsoft Windows

  1. Open the Mystify.zip file and extract, copy or drag the "Mystify" screensaver file within to the Windows folder on your hard drive, then right-click the file and select "Install".

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User reviews (13)

Tested on Windows 11 23H2. Works fine. (Installed it in my System32 folder, replacing the newer version.)

by angelo91 on December 22, 2023

I had the same problem with it not working. Here is how I fixed it. Go to Major Geeks and download Resource Hacker. Run the program and open up the file Mystify you got here. Notice there are three lines listed. Where you see the name "Mystify" change it to something else but make sure it's the same on all three lines. Then save it to the same name. Copy and paste the file to C:/windows then open up screensaver app in Windows. You should see it there. Mine is working in Win 10. Special thanks to Jannik for the advice.

by Rick on December 7, 2023

To make it work u need to use Resource Hacker to change the "string value" @ table 1 to something other than Mystify

by Jannik on January 20, 2023

It's great. You can watch it for a long time and it's never the same...it's very interesting and can aid in meditation.

by Brian on November 7, 2022

This hasn't worked since windows vista, since they changed to the newer version and kept the name the same. Anyone know a workaround? I need my win3.1 fix!

by Matt on October 11, 2022

Since Windows 7 has a screensaver of the same name, it might conflict. What I just did "and it's working" is right click on the file and rename it. I chose Mistify. Then copied it to C:Windows. That didn't work. Then I copied it to C:Window/System32. Then went back to the where you choose your screensaver and choose Mystify. It should be working now.

by Rick on December 21, 2020

does not work.

by nemoskull on April 2, 2020


by bob on February 12, 2020


by Dr Best on November 25, 2019

Simple y fabuloso

by Hugo on July 28, 2019


by tom on February 19, 2019

This is my favorite screen saver, but I can't make it work in windows 7 so I took away one star

by grb on February 26, 2018

The screensaver is great; however, whenever I try to install it to the screensaver settings, it shows up as "MystifyP" and it's the Mystify screensaver for Windows 10. What should I do about this? This is a great screensaver though!

by Oak on December 30, 2016

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