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Midnight Beach

In the Midnight Beach screensaver for Windows, the waves of the sea slowly roll onto the beach where a small fishing boat rests in the sand. The moon shines bright and large behind the clouds in the distance. If the animation does not fill the screen, enter the settings menu, click the "Position" tab and tick the box in front of "Resize to fill screen".

Price Free    Disk 48.88 MB    Windows for Windows    Downloads 90,450
Small screenshot 1 of Midnight BeachSmall screenshot 2 of Midnight BeachSmall screenshot 3 of Midnight Beach

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Color for Midnight Beach41 year ago
Midnight Beach13 years ago
Midnight Beach Screensaver won't play sound files/playlist45 years ago
Midnight Beach screensaver won't install37 years ago

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User reviews (52)


by LEIN on April 25, 2024


by joiner on June 19, 2023

Love this screensaver. Would love it even more if it was able to span two monitors

by eakrzy on April 20, 2023

I love them when they work.

by mitch sohm on February 27, 2023

I love it, I watch it when I want to relax

by KTB on October 31, 2022


by ghostinkoma on May 18, 2022

takes forever to load

by jai on April 27, 2022


by ann on November 12, 2021


by Khoi on October 23, 2021

WORKS GREAT! No problems, at all.

by Jane on September 23, 2021

Doesn't work on win10 fully updated to 19043.1237. Whether I try to preview or set to come on, the saver seems to try to start, but does nothing. When set to come on, it tries every time the time passes, but no success. Also, the settings seem to be for a photo collage saver, with options like how often images stay and transition effects.

by Rae Sauron on September 20, 2021


by Laura Womack-Cromartie on September 7, 2021

does not work at all.

by ofir on April 23, 2021

BEAUTIFUL Works wonders w/ Win 7. Wish it had sound though

by No1Trucker on January 16, 2021

Works really well on my Windows 7 PC. Also love that I can add music to this.

by Lisa Aug. on December 25, 2020

Doesn't work, I get a runtime error

by Doesn't work on November 21, 2020

dont work in ultrawide

by SP on October 27, 2020

Beautiful screensaver. Unfortunately no multi monitor support... :(

by StacyG on August 22, 2020

like it

by Ralpy on May 21, 2020

No sound, settings that come up have nothing to do with the screensaver

by Bob Ham on May 8, 2020


by John Mikkelborg on March 23, 2020

awesome screensaver

by Sanjay kumar on January 6, 2020

Very good!

by Jim on December 12, 2019


by Edward Payne on November 23, 2019

very nice

by gayathri manohar on September 28, 2019


by john on August 27, 2019

I think its really cool! :)

by Anne burrows on August 20, 2019


by JESSE on July 22, 2019

It's one of my favorites. It's very peaceful and beautiful. I am SO GLAD there's no sound! I often fall asleep with my laptop running, and screensavers with sound wake me up too often.

Whoever said that the boat "killed it" for them is ridiculous. The picture CLEARLY shows a boat.

by Speechless on May 28, 2019


by Eldon Smith on April 8, 2019

Excellent and VitusTotal detect 0
So I can install it on the PC on my clients.
Thanks !

by Joe Dirt on January 9, 2019


by dan on July 27, 2018

It is beautifull.

by Debansu goswami on June 30, 2018

it is beauitful and very peaceful

by shelton on March 26, 2018

loved it till i saw the boat. KILLED IT!

by oceanqueen on March 3, 2018

Love it

by Sam Beningo on November 13, 2017


by Darren Dale on September 28, 2017

Beautiful. But as Rain said, it needs sound. So I found a few pages in, 'WaterWorks. It comes with about 75 variations of water fx, from Beaches to Waterfalls, and full sound fx.

by Zenoian on August 27, 2017

nice one

by ar rojadisy on July 24, 2017

Really cool, except I have two monitors and it only shows up on the one set as my Main.

by Cori on February 9, 2017

Utterly gorgeous, and highly realistic. I wish it came with matching wave sound effects, but that's a small complaint.

by Rain Adkins on January 16, 2017

All good seem to work with no virus's.

by Jamie1991 on January 8, 2017


by mandy vernon@gmail .com on November 15, 2016

good, if it would have a settings of brightness control, would be excellent

by gopinath on September 16, 2016

I love it, but it stopped working. Are we sure it's for windows 10? I placed it in every folder imaginable and it appears on the list of screensavers, but when I choose it, it does not execute. Just a blank screen

Screensavers Planet: This screensaver was made using an older version of Screensaver Factory 6 that unfortunately does not support Windows 10. We did not create this screensaver, but have now repackaged it in a way that should make it work on Windows 10. Please post to our message board if you continue to have issues.

by eric on September 13, 2016


by Aunt Dee on August 25, 2016


by jackie on July 30, 2016


by JimCum on July 23, 2016


by jo on July 13, 2016

Quite lovely

by pat nelson.. on June 16, 2016


by susan on June 6, 2016

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