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Christmas Countdown

Count down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until Christmas Day with the Christmas Countdown screensaver for Windows and Mac. The flip-clock style countdown, with a waving Santa Claus just behind it, stands in the middle of a cozy room with a Christmas tree, a burning fireplace, two elves, a steaming Christmas dinner, and a window looking out on a snowman, Rudolph the reindeer and snow falling outside. Once Christmas arrives, Santa waves a "Merry Christmas" banner and the elves inspect the food and presents. On January 1st, the countdown will reappear and begin counting down to next Christmas.

This screensaver requires the Adobe Flash Player that is no longer supported. It probably won't work.
Price Free    Disk 11.77-28.35 MB    Windows Apple for Windows, Mac    Downloads 6,451
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Santa countdown worked great. However it doesn't reset. How do I go about resetting it for next year?13 years ago
christmas countdown screensaver time?33 years ago

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User reviews (10)

there is no more flash player, your screensavers do not work

by David Brent on January 14, 2021

I downloaded this screensaver but it says that the developer needs to update it so it can fit the software that I have. Please fix before Christmas!! I use a macbook btw. I give 3 stars because it looks cute

by maddie on September 9, 2020

Tried downloading this, but as it is 32bit it is not working on macOS Catalina, would love if it is possible to have a look at this before Christmas

by Preben on October 16, 2019


by ShadoLely on September 23, 2019

all christmas screensaver is not showing on latest flash version please update the screensaver. really need it.

Screensavers Planet: Yes, that latest Flash Player update on Mac breaks the screensaver, unfortunately. I'm afraid this is out of our control, hopefully it gets fixed in a future version of Flash Player. The screensaver still works on Windows.

by shailendra on September 22, 2019

I have the latest version 32 also. It worked until yesterday for 2 years. i updated my Flash on my mac. Still doesn't work. Really disappointed. I really liked this. Will there be an update? It doesn't work on my mac now.

Screensavers Planet: Thanks for reporting that. We'll investigate.

by Robert on September 16, 2019

doesn't work anymore pop up window says would prefer flash plugin 27,
i have flash 32 which is updated version

Screensavers Planet: Thanks for reporting that. We'll investigate.

by John on September 12, 2019

Does not work on Mac right now

(rated 3 because I am N/A since it didn't work)

Screensavers Planet: Please make sure you have the latest version of the Flash Player installed. On macOS, you can check this via the System Preferences panel.

by Like on December 1, 2017

Won't let my computer run it.....something about Flash.....

Screensavers Planet: Try downloading the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player.

by Kendra on December 1, 2017

I really liked the screensaver and it worked perfectly until I downloaded Mac OS High Sierra. Now it only shows a black screen.

Screensavers Planet: We've updated the screensaver, please download and install it again. We hope that solves the issue. If not, please post to the message board.

by Xx_Lewkmaster_xX on November 10, 2017

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