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Set up a specific date and time, such as your retirement or next vacation, via this screensaver's settings panel and it will display a live countdown on your screen, with the days, hours, minutes and seconds shown in a white font against a solid black background. The Windows version from IcoFX Software has a settings panel that allows you to switch to a light theme or a night time mode (displays the time in red between 10pm - 6am), display a time separator, hide the time labels, and it includes support for multiple monitors.

Price Free    Disk 1.19-1.58 MB    Windows Apple for Windows, Mac    Downloads 50,090
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background11 month ago
I'm pressing screen saver options but nothing pops up.12 years ago
Feature request: countdown to a specific time in a day13 years ago
Five Star13 years ago

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User reviews (20)

I'm trying to install this on Window 10, but nothing happens after it finishes setting up!

by Kelly on April 18, 2024

nice for display

by Dindin arip budiman on March 15, 2024

Effectiveky very nice !
Would it be possible to hide hours, minutes and seconds, to display only the date ?

by LuiskyV on January 25, 2024

it doesn't work with the last update of Mac.

by David on October 17, 2023

I can't access the options button

by Teeshowtime1 on June 21, 2023

It is working really well

by K on June 15, 2023

Aesthetic and useful

by Kripa on February 25, 2023


by MADELEINE on September 28, 2022

This is just what i have been searching for, after migrating from mac

by peter on July 17, 2022

I love the look and idea of it, if only it would work😭trying to use on an iPad Mac 2019 version. Screensaver downloads I enter a date and wait…..nothing pos up but a big black blank screen once I get the start screensaver at x minutes I see a yellow exclamation mark on options for 10 minutes but when dropping down the time to 1 minute exclamation goes away but the thing still does not work. Super frustrated.

by Suga on October 13, 2021

i have seen a few people say its not working or that after installing, after the setup wizard nothing happens. Just go to your settings and make sure to switch on screensaver its under personalization>lockscreen>screensaver settings...change it from (none) to "countdown", choose date to countdown to and the time,then set how long after the screen is inactive to activate the countdown timer

by p on July 9, 2021

How do you change the countdown end date?

Screensavers Planet: This should be possible via the screensaver's settings menu.

by Ruth on April 29, 2021

Jay, If you see your setup and it's already installed, just go to the your screensaver setting, you must say there is an screensaver is installed, just click it.

by Lee on March 13, 2021

This isn't working on windows 10

by aisaka taiga on March 9, 2021

i downloaded it and it didn't work, the only thing I could open was the setup. After going through the setup and it says it's installed, but I cant find the app anywhere on my computer

by Jay on January 18, 2021

Easy & Minimal. Just the way I like it!

by Shubham on October 3, 2020

I absolutely love the simplicity of the screensaver. However, I am concerned about having some of the digits stay stagnant for so long, which could possibly result in burn-in on some monitors. I have an LED monitor, and I realize burn-in is not as prevalent as it once was, but the trepidation lingers nonetheless. I'm keeping the screensaver anyway! HA!

by Jose on October 1, 2020

The windows version on windows 10 doesnt working

by julio on September 25, 2020

the windows version is not working, clock stays all zero after installed.

Screensavers Planet: That means the countdown has finished. Enter the screensaver's settings menu and set "Countdown to:" to a future date and time.

by ken on September 20, 2020

i like trhat

by channa on September 1, 2020

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