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3D Flying Objects

This screensaver includes 7 styles of 3D-rendered objects that can fly through the screen, from the Windows logo and an exploding ball to a ribbon or textured flag. This flag can optionally be customized by selecting a BMP image file on your computer to use as its texture. Switch between objects via the screensaver's settings menu, where you can also adjust the screensaver's resolution and the size of the chosen object.

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Installation instructions

Microsoft Windows

  1. Extract, drag or copy the "3D Flying Objects" screensaver file to your Windows folder, usually located at C:\Windows, then right-click the file and select "Install". This will automatically open the Screen Saver Settings panel, where you should now be able to find "3D Flying Objects" listed among your other screensavers.

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File name3D_Flying_Objects.zip
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User reviews (17)

Why is there no 90s Windows Logo and only XP?

by Sam on June 23, 2024

It's Cool.

by Vincent C on May 19, 2024

its xp, not 98 :(

by pedropirrito on May 15, 2024

That was my most loved screensaver! Nice!

by 10User on November 11, 2023

It's good

by Brody on September 5, 2023


by Mohammad on August 29, 2023

Its cool

by Lazlo on November 22, 2020

theres no windows 98 only xp

by Windows 64 on September 12, 2020

compatible for windows 7

by thomas on April 18, 2020

Cool! 98 or XP, I would get it one day. One day...

by Donnachadh on February 1, 2020

There is no Windows 98 logo

by 1998 on December 15, 2018

Yes, this is XP version. But there is Win98 on the net and I found it.
And there is a real 3D logo. Yeah!

by Denisov Nicholas on January 26, 2018

I like the screensaver, but it doesn't appear in my screensaver settings. How do I get it there?

Screensavers Planet: Please refer to the installation instructions under "Help" or, for more details, the following help page: How to install a screensaver from a ZIP file

by User on December 27, 2016

Winxp logo

by Alex F. on December 4, 2016

Win98 logo

by Albin on June 25, 2016

I would keep it forever

by Justin Freeman on April 24, 2016

I wanted Windows 98 version, but it shows the XP logo.

by user on September 30, 2015

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