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Win 7 accepts and previews custom screensaver, but under "personalization" screensaver is showing as set to NONe

I bought a couple of screensavers called Ice Clock and Faraway planet. I never used them for a long time and decided to use them now. One works under windows 10. The other laptop runs win 7. Ice clock works under the win 7 screensaver preview so I set it to come up in 5 min from computer being idle. But I noticed under the win 7 "personalization" setting that the screensaver is set to "NONE" despite I set it to the Ice Clock and was able to preview it. I can not find any answers on this on google or any forums. All windows 7 built in screensavers work fine but the one I bought, win 7 will accept and preview under screensaver setting but the screensaver won't come on and as I said above under the win 7 "personalization" setting that the screensaver is set to "NONE" despite I set it to the Ice Clock. Please HELP !!!


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Dimitri redstone5 years agoWindows 7 x64, Google Chrome

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  • Hello Dimitris,

    What an odd issue. Have you tried installing any other non-standard screensavers, from developers other than 3Planesoft, to see if they are similarly affected? And when installing the Ice Clock or Faraway Planet screensavers, did you opt to also install the 3Planesoft Screensaver Manager? Does it help to select that in the list?

    (Just to test a different screensaver, see if you get the same with Digital Clock 7.)

    To check if any third-party software, like an anti-virus program, may be interfering somehow, perhaps you could try a clean boot of Windows 7.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)5 years ago

  • Hi, yes I did install the 3Planetsoft Screensaver Manager and the problem is the same. I can set and preview the Ice clock but under "personalization" the screensaver is set to none. I went at and downloaded the Fantastic Fish and Minions screensavers. These were accepted and installed and worked. When I choose them and hit "apply" the "personalization" changes to the name of the free screensaver I downloaded from the site above. This is good for me for now. The win 7 laptop is my mom's so she is not picky. I'll keep the other 2 screensavers I bought for my 2 laptops in win 10. A clean boot might be require for win 7 laptop. I also had major problems with Win 10 updates corrupting my boot record so both laptops were trying but were stuck in a loop of diagnosing and restarting. I had to put new SSDs inside in order to save my date from the old SSDs and do a clean install and found a utility that stops win 10 from updating. This alone cost me around $400 because Microsoft removed this "disable updates" feature in Win 10. They want you to update - but there are 3rd party utilities that can stop the updates. Everytime my win 10 update chrome crashes and at least 1 software becomes corrupt and needs to b e reinstalled. Anyway I did sent support an email at support at:

    Dimitri Redstone5 years ago

  • Sorry to learn you've been having so much trouble with Windows 10, but I'm glad you also found a solution that works for you (and for your mom). I didn't receive an e-mail though, perhaps you meant to say you contacted 3Planesoft?

    If it only happens with their screensavers, it's probably a good idea to contact them directly. Perhaps they're already familiar with this particular issue.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)5 years ago

  • YES I CONTACTED SUPPORT FROM 3Planesoft. I thought was part of 3Planetsoft. they told me to install them and do a clean boot. I have a lot of my plate right now, I'll do it later. I put my mother one of your free screensavers the Fantastic Aquarium and she loves it.
    Thanks again. Dimitris

    Dimitri Redstone5 years ago

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