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Textures don't work

My .bmp file for the 3D maze is 256x256 and has no spaces in the file path (neither the name of the user) and still dosent work.

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Anonymous1 year ago

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  • Last week someone got it working by resizing the BMP to 640x640 in Paint. Although it's still a bit unclear if that was actually the solution to the problem.

    If you upload your .bmp file here I'll see if I can get it working.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)1 year ago

  • Thanks for submitting the images.

    What program did you use to create the BMP images?

    There are different generations of the Bitmap (BMP) file format, and it looks like your images are of the generation V5, which doesn't seem to be supported by the (very old) 3D Maze screensaver. I used Photoshop to create copies of the images and it has saved those as V3 (older) and those do seem to be working.

    You can also use Paint (included with Windows) for this.

    You included your e-mail address with the images so I'll send you the V3 files there.

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    Rob (Screensavers Planet)1 year ago

  • I used convertio to convert the files. its very efficient and i use it alot

    Anonymous1 year ago

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