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taking the downloaded screen saver from my chrome download page to use in the screen saver list

I am running Windows 8.1 with Chrome broser, and i've downladed some screen savers and now they are all on my downloads (by useing the menu button for customizing and such, but now i don't know how to access them when i go to the change screen saver section. I'm not really good at computer stuff so i'll need simple instructions.

HOWARD C. Koop2 years agoWindows 8.1 x64, Google Chrome

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  • Hello Howard,

    Not all screensavers are installed equally, unfortunately. We can roughly divide them into 2 types: the ones that come as an executable installation program (files end in .exe), and the ones that are packaged in a so-called ZIP archive file (ends in .zip).

    The installation programs are most user-friendly, because you can simply double-click to launch these and then follow the on-screen instructions to install.

    In Chrome, if you click the menu icon (the three dots) and select "Downloads", you will get an overview of your recent downloads, and with each file you have the option to "Display in folder", which will open the File Explorer and automatically highlight the file in the folder where it was downloaded, so you can open/copy/edit/delete them.

    Double-click the file you downloaded, and if it's a .exe file the installation program will start. After installation, some programs will automatically open the Screen Saver Settings panel. In other cases, you will have to open it yourself (see linked page).

    If it's a ZIP archive file, which is essentially a collection of one or more files bundled into a single archive file to make distribution easier, double-clicking it will show you its contents, and this will include at least one screensaver file that you'll have to copy to the Windows folder on your computer's hard drive.

    I've written a detailed tutorial on how to do this, and I hope I've made the instructions simple enough: How to install a screensaver from a ZIP file

    Please let me know if those instructions work for you, or if you need more help.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)2 years ago

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