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Remove screensaver on mac

I installed a screensaver some days back on my mac and it flooded my desktop with thousands of file. It was a malware or something. Now I have managed to take care of the flooding but don't know how to remove that screensaver. I have tried right click and delete(its faded out), I have gone to the library and in screensaver folder it is not listed and I have gone to the system/library and is not listed.

Can someone help me remove this screensaver from my list?

Reeshi2 years agomacOS 10.13.2, Safari

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  • Hello Reeshi,

    Was it a screensaver you downloaded from here? What's the screensaver's name?

    As far as I'm aware, the Screen Saver panel only checks the folders "~/Library/Screen Savers" and "/System/Library/Screen Savers" for screensavers to include in the list.

    If you can let me know the name of the screensaver, I can try to replicate this.


    Rob (Screensavers Planet)2 years ago

  • Hello Rob,

    Thank you for the reply.
    The name of the screensaver is Aerial and I did not download it from here.
    I just did a google search for Apple TV screensaver for mac and downloaded it from a random website.


    Reeshi2 years ago

  • Hello Reeshi,

    Did you download from GitHub, perhaps? In that case, I very much doubt that it was actually malware, thankfully, but you may have downloaded the source code for the screensaver rather than the end-product. The source code consists of many separate files, so that may have flooded your desktop, as you noted.

    Has the screensaver ever worked for you? Is "Aerial" listed among your screen savers?

    If not, and you have taken care of all the files on your desktop, you could try downloading the screensaver from here (no malware, guaranteed). Installation should be straightforward, although you may have to right-click the .saver file you downloaded and select "Open" to bypass the "unidentified developer" warning.


    Rob (Screensavers Planet)2 years ago

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