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How to Install an animated background on macbook pro

when you open it and trust it it says it can’t be opened because the is no app to open it with, how do you install it?

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Anonymous6 years agoiOS 11.2, Safari

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  • Hi there,

    If you're on a Macbook Pro, you have probably downloaded the file "Install 8-Bit Epic Sax Guy". Double-clicking that will extract an application file to the same folder, and double-clicking that will start the installation program.

    (You may need to right-click the application file and select "Open" to circumvent the warning that it's software from an unidentified developer.)

    Did you get as far as this? Which file did you try to open when you got the error?

    I see you are posting from an iOS device, either an iPhone or an iPad. Note that none of the screensavers on this site will work on those devices. These screensavers are not animated backgrounds but programs that will run a full-screen animation or slideshow when you are not using your computer for a period of time.


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    Rob (Screensavers Planet)6 years ago

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