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How do I get the SCR file to work on Windows 8.1?

In the tutorial you have to use my custom screensaver, all you did was show how to get to the screen saver settings, you didn't actually give any information on how to actually apply the screensaver.

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  • Thanks for posting to the message board.

    Once you've opened the Screen Saver Settings panel, you should be able to select the screensaver you installed from the list. If it's not there, it may not have been installed just yet. You will have to close the panel, copy the SCR file to the Windows folder on your hard drive (usually located at C:\Windows), and then re-open the panel. You can also right-click the SCR file and choose "Install", but that only installs it temporarily; it will be removed from the list as soon as you select a different screensaver.

    See also: How to install a screensaver from a ZIP file

    The folders/directories that the Screen Saver Settings panel checks for installed screensavers are listed on this help page: (under the header "Default folders")
    Where are screensavers stored on Windows?

    Hope that helps. Let me know if you have further questions.

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