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feline not there

on your screensaver will only be installed some file, but nothing giving 14pics to screen.

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catorze3 years agoWindows 10 x64, Firefox

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  • It looks like the installation program for this screensaver needs to be started with administrator's rights, or the screensaver cannot be extracted to the Windows folder.

    Find the feline.exe file in your Downloads folder, right-click it and select "Run as administrator", then go through the installation steps again as before. Once complete, you should be able to find it in the Screen Saver Settings panel.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)3 years ago

  • the administrator installed it, but nothing in the directory or control panel.

    catorze3 years ago

  • It's necessary to right-click the file and select "Run as administrator" even if the current used is an administrator. The installation program requires elevated access rights to place the screensaver file in the Windows folder on your hard drive.

    Once the installer completes, the Screen Saver Settings panel will automatically open and "Feline" should be listed as the active screensaver.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)3 years ago

  • yes it has worked

    catorze3 years ago

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