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zz DVD 2

An update to the original zz DVD screensaver, zzDVD 2 features a larger DVD Video logo, and it allows you to optionally replace that logo with your own. Other than that, it is similar in that the logo bounces around the screen, changing color whenever it hits a border of the screen, just like the animation shown by many DVD players after a period of inactivity.

Price Free    Disk 16.13 MB    Windows for Windows    Downloads 5,860
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User reviews (9)

i love this screensaver i always wanted a spaghetti screensaver that acts like a dvd screensaver

by rayan on December 28, 2022

Tell you what... I do not have the code any more. I will try to re-write it when time... Long story...

by Javier Lechuga Garcia on July 6, 2021

I works on Windows 8 RTM 64 (the version without start button). But why does it not work on Windows 10 64? Double click on it in Windows 10 does nothing. But my Windows 10 is 64-bit.

by TechGuy on July 3, 2021

zzDVD2.scr is not a valid Win32 application on Windows XP. Doesn't open at all on Windows 10. Help!

by XPUser on March 30, 2021

Added a smaller transparent DVD logo (without the block) and it just changes to a square as if there is no image file.

by Benson on November 23, 2020

great but I don't find a way to apply it.
can I have some help?

by Kajus Cibulskis on August 22, 2020

i like it, but it stretches custom logos, and you cannot have it make the logo itself change color and not the background, as well as getting rid of the background entirely

by evan on July 5, 2020

Beautiful screensaver. However, I could select a custom image and see it in the preview, but when clicking ok the settings doesn't get changed.

by Olli on October 8, 2019

Tried the first one. The picture feature was faulty for me, but the increase of colors made it up. Nice work!

by anonymous on June 22, 2019

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