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Western Railway NV 3D

This Nvidia-sponsored screensaver features an old train traveling through the American backlands on a western railway. The train is shown traveling from various viewpoints, while the current time is displayed on an old analog clock at the bottom right of the screen. The clock can be disabled, sound effects and music can be muted and an "old movie" filter can be added from within the screensaver using keyboard shortcuts shown at startup.

Price Free    Disk 29.95 MB    Windows for Windows    Downloads 13,209
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Installation instructions

Microsoft Windows

  1. Double-click the executable file you downloaded to start the install program.
  2. Select the language of your preference, then click "OK" to proceed. The language selection only applies to the installer, the screensaver itself is in English.
  3. Click "Next", then only enter your e-mail address if you wish to receive an e-mail newsletter from the developer, and click "Next" again.
  4. Uncheck the two boxes unless you want to install the developer's screensaver management sofware or to place a shortcut icon for this screensaver on your desktop. Click "Next".
  5. If you accept the license agreement, click the box in front of "I accept" and click "Next" to proceed.
  6. The default destination location and start menu folder should be fine for most users, so click "Next" twice, then click "Install" to begin installing the screensaver.
  7. When installation has been completed, close the installer to have the Screen Saver Settings panel opened, where you should now be able to find "Western Railway NV 3D Screensaver" among your other screensavers.

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User reviews (11)

Wow, that's an amazing screen-saver. The train starts at an random position every time. It's traveling a pretty long track, so that the screen-saver is not going to be boring soon. You can select the screen you want to run the screen-saver on, but it's not running on all screens at the same time. Also the other monitors won't turn into a black screen. Would be great if that screen-saver would turn the screens black which are not in use and switch the screen for showing the train every time the screen-saver shows up.

by teamrocket0 on March 26, 2022

used to run great,,,,but now it goes blank then causes a blue screen of death used to use this but not now was free now it sucks and dont work at all

by wont run says reboot always on October 6, 2021

Really something but is "twitchy" when on. The train does little jerks which you may be able to tolerate. Installs a lot of other material and links and a desktop icon.

by Al on January 10, 2021

Great looking screensaver. Locomotive is a US 4-4-0 American Standard, not of English origin as Rick claims. I do agree that the terrain looks nothing like Nevada, but nonetheless its still a cool screensaver.

by JH on January 20, 2020

Very animated and not of the USA, unfortunately. I've never seen Nevada look like that and it is a train from England. I was looking for a USA train. Therefore only 3 stars from me. Although, it does run well on my Win 7 machine. Thumbs up for that anyway.

by Rick on January 15, 2020

This is the most AWSOME screen saver I`ve ever seen ! I Love it ! I watched it for 30 minutes and could not find a repeat of the same scene. Outstanding effects.

by Gary B. on January 7, 2020

its very good

by john o on November 19, 2018

I loved this screen saver when I bought it from 3planesoft. I don't like it nearly as much ripped off.

by Malvakai on December 30, 2015

it grate thank

by wallace weddington on December 18, 2015

I like trains, I like this screensaver A+

by Joseph on October 22, 2015

Terrific, would like more like this.

by PoppaB on December 18, 2014

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