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The Earth

A realistically rendered 3D representation of Planet Earth spins around in the center of the screen while a blue-tinted starfield appears in the background. The 3D-rendered globe shows the various continents and oceans, as well as an extra weather layer.

Price Free    Disk 88.8 MB    Windows for Windows    Downloads 37,602
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the world screen saver i need the url 13 years ago

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User reviews (16)

awesome fire

by sir eois on December 3, 2023

black screen resolved, install kLite Codec Pack Mega, and is running

by Xavi on April 25, 2022

win 10 x64

not work =(

by breeze on April 23, 2022

Wouldn't run on my system. This is the first program I've had problems with since I purchased this new computer. Very odd...

by Daniel on July 12, 2021

A Flash screensaver, not very usable now that flash is eliminated.

by Brian Lineberger on March 11, 2021

Windows defender find it as a treat. I still allowed to open it, and only black screen no animated or any image, probably virus in my computer now :(

Screensavers Planet: No, don't worry. This screensaver is harmless but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work for everyone, showing an empty black screen instead.

by mr.raccoon on November 7, 2020

It sux.

by jimmy watson on October 2, 2020

Only opened into a notepad file. No idea why it would do that. Okay, finally got it to associate with .scr instead of notepad. Is there a way to shut off the music?

by J krueger on August 20, 2020

great love it

by ernie on July 23, 2020

Amazing! That Screensaver Works On Windows 10

by Charles on March 12, 2020

Doesn't work on win10 64bit (black screen)

by Cold on February 25, 2019

Giving it 5 stars to offset the people who gave it one star because they didn't have the technical skill to install a screen savor. This is not a support page. like seriously dudes. ps. if there isn't an install file drop the screen savor in c\window\system32 and then it will be added to the screen-savoir list.

by Zach on September 15, 2018


by Debansu Goswami on June 26, 2018


by HÃ¥kon on November 22, 2016

it wouldn't install on my system

by carl on July 2, 2016

Downloaded and tried to install, both several times in win 10 home. Get warnings, try anyway, but will not???? install.

Screensavers Planet: It may be blocked by SmartScreen at first, but if you click "More information" you should be able to bypass the warning message and install the screensaver. We tested it to work on Windows 10, but it is possible there is a compatibility issue with your computer. Feel free to contact us for assistance.

by Steve on June 12, 2016

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