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Snowy Scenes

The Snowy Scenes screensaver features a single (static) illustrated background scene depicting a creek running through a forest in winter. Small snowflakes fall down from the top of the screen. Via the settings menu, you can adjust the intensity of the snowfall and set the screensaver to be shown full-screen. No sound effects or background music included.

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Are they anymore backgrounds for this?62 years ago
Is there an updated requirements to work on W-8.1 x 64 Google Chrome34 years ago

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User reviews (6)

Does not adjust setting in Windows 10.

by Miriam Rogowski on October 2, 2023

I personally think this is the best screensaver with snow falling. You can change the wind, how fast or slow the snow falls etc. The trees, sky and stones only add realism. It's captivating, and I can sit and watch it endlessly!

by Rebekah on December 31, 2021

I have used this screensaver for many years. I is mesmerizing.

by Sherri on April 12, 2021

I had this screensaver on a much older computer. I always loved it, and by fluke, found that it is still available!

by Barb on December 18, 2020

If you want a truly realistic snowing screensaver get this one! Unlike most snowy screensavers that just have the snow coming down but the background never changes, this one actually does change. Over time the snow begins to stick to the ground and grows thicker over time. Not filling the screen but actually forms to the rocks, creek, and banks of the creek. You can change the amount of snowfall, wind speed, and screen size. I have a 27 inch monitor and it fit fine. You can also unclick the screen choice and just have a plain black screen with snow fall. I've used this for many years and it's still my favorite. If anyone happens to know where to get additional screens for this screensaver let me know. Only downside is no music or sound. But if you spent time in the woods during the winter you'll feel right at home. Oh and if you really want a pretty one with music, lights and snowfall I recommend My 3D Christmas Tree.

by Rick on December 15, 2020

I absolutely love this screensaver

by Bonnie on January 11, 2018

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