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Rainbow Clock

A colorful, 3D-rendered analog clock appears on your screen against a black background in this free screensaver. The colors of the clock's digits and hands change continuously as the transparent clockface spins, twists and rotates randomly around the screen.

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Problems with settings adjustments05 months ago

Installation instructions

Microsoft Windows

  1. The rainbowclock.exe file is a self-extracting program that will copy the screensaver file to your Windows folder. Since this requires elavated privileges, you may need to start the program by right-clicking the file and selecting "Run as administrator".
  2. After extracting the screensaver file to your Windows folder, you should be able to find "Clock" in the list of screensavers in the Screen Saver Settings panel.

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Virus scannerrainbowclock.exe
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  1.   rainbowclock.exe (Windows)
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File namerainbowclock.exe
Target system Microsoft Windows
File size126.04 kB (129,062 bytes)
File typePortable Executable (EXE)
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Total downloads3,112
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User reviews (4)

It works great on my Windows 7 and the adjustments work fine - it maybe the way you installed it - I right cliked on it and unzipped it to the location of the file - after unzipping it I left clicked on the Screen Saver Icon and right clicked on install - then I opened the display in the control panel and then opened the screen saver and opened the settings - I adjusted the settings to where I desired them and clicked ok - then I clicked preview and it worked as I had adjusted it - I hope this helps

by Jeff on June 22, 2021

Does not unzip on my Win 10 64

Screensavers Planet: Please right-click the file and select "Run as administrator".

by Tony Gamble on May 8, 2021

Can't adjust any settings. After saving, everything is still as it was installed.

by Ben Strickland on June 21, 2019

love the colors

by scott manteau on October 19, 2016

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