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Living Waterfalls 2

The Living Waterfalls screensaver includes two animated nature scenes with waterfalls, as well as various birds and land animals that move through the screen. Sound effects are included, as well as piano music that plays in the background. Both can be muted.

Price Free    Disk 1.8 MB    Windows for Windows    Downloads 5,881
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Virus scannerwaterfalls2.exe
McAfeeArtemis!79D014816AF4 *
MicrosoftPUA:Win32/YourScreen *
SymantecTrojan.Gen.8!cloud *
WebrootW32.Adware.Gen *
Last scanned3 weeks ago

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File namewaterfalls2.exe
Target system Microsoft Windows
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User reviews (4)

I installed this screensaver in 2003. I miss freeze.com

by Shahzad HUssain on January 19, 2020


by Larry Walthour Sr. on July 6, 2018

Someone really needs to educate these people as to what a screen saver actually is. Screensavers serve an important purpose, which is to prevent "burn in" on your monitor. Burn in occurs when your desktop is left loaded for long periods. And yes, it can happen to ALL types of monitors including LCD's. Burn in happens due to images on the screen being in place too long. Screensavers prevent burn in by displaying MOVING images that force every pixel on your screen to continuously (or periodically) change intensity. Many of the so-called screensavers on this site feature an image in which only certain parts display variations in brightness. The rest of the image doesn't move at all, which of course is going to CAUSE burn in, and is totally counter to what the screen saver is for.

This is a decent work of art, but would make a better desktop. It is NOT a screensaver by any stretch of the imagination.

by Justme on January 25, 2018


by Abdool Essa on December 21, 2016

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