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Girl in Paradise

An animated screensaver consisting of a hand-drawn scene of a young girl with flowers in her hair floating in the water near a tropical beach with palm trees. She reaches out to a bird as various fish species swim nearby and the sun shines brightly with only a few clouds in the sky. In the background, a large mountain island is prominentely featured. The screensaver creates the illusion that the water, trees and clouds are moving, and includes sound effects of tropical birds and streaming water, though these can optionally be disabled.

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Installation instructions

Microsoft Windows

  1. Double-click the GirlinParadise.exe file you downloaded to start the install program.
  2. Click "Next" through the first two screens, then change the installation directory to your Windows folder. Usually this is C:\Windows, but you can optionally click the "..." button, click the "WINDOWS" folder once and click "OK" to be sure. Then click "Next" to proceed.
    • If you install into the default directory (C:\Windows\Desktop\GirlinParadise), or any directory other than your Windows folder, you may need to manually browse to that folder after the installation, right-click the "GIRLin PARADISE" screensaver file and select "Install".
  3. Now click "Start" to begin installing the screensaver. Once completed, you can click "Next", followed by "Exit" to close the install program and to open the screensaver's settings menu, where it can be previewed and customized. Close that screen and open the Screen Saver Settings panel to make sure that "Girlin Paradise" is now selected as your screensaver.

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  1.   GirlinParadise.exe (Windows)
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File nameGirlinParadise.exe
Target system Microsoft Windows
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by Namrata jani on October 2, 2018

i think there just great, real life.

by jay barrie on March 16, 2016

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