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Flip Clock

This clock screensaver displays the current time (24-hour format) in hours, minutes and seconds in the style of a retro flip clock, where the numbers are revealed sequentially by a split-flap display. The date appears just below the time, and sound effects are enabled, but both of these can be disabled via the settings menu, where you can also adjust the size.

Price Free    Disk 4.21 MB    Windows for Windows    Downloads 63,387
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как отключить часы?04 months ago
how can i delete the clock from my laptop?19 months ago
watch time stops21 year ago
Not able to change the time and date format of the flip clock51 year ago
Flip Clock Inquiries 12 years ago

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User reviews (17)


by jasmine on January 22, 2023


by Preksha on November 26, 2022

this is great screen saver but have some suggestion could be better by removing the second section from the clock and clock tikking sound is awsome idea but can use better tikking sound for that ..

by sanwaj on November 24, 2022

seem nice and practical

by fairytales on July 30, 2022

I downloaded this screensaver, but I've found a better one without sound, but I cant erease this one.

by Melle on April 6, 2022

I think it will be amazing.

by Nguyễn Nhi Phương on January 12, 2022

i think it will be like flipbook

by chocolate on December 8, 2021

looks great

by ward on December 5, 2021


by rio on November 29, 2021

Decent programing, boring though.

There is no way to invert the colours e.g. the way
first clocks like the Copal Caslon were made
in the 60ties.

Also, no option for the transition period,
the flip is far to quick to catch the eye,
making it boring for.

by Michael Damian on September 11, 2021

Its very fun! I absolutely love it

by Bekah on September 7, 2021


by Jade Armstrong on August 2, 2021

its cool

by Siddhi korgaonkar on July 18, 2021

thanks for your great app and the download was so easy

by shabik on July 13, 2021


by mando on June 6, 2021

Its pretty good but need an option to change the time and date format and hope a new updated version of the screensaver is released with the option to change the date and time format

by Tejas Kumar on May 5, 2021


by sarah on April 30, 2021

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