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Earth 3D

Literally take a tour around the world in this 3D animated screensaver. It shows you lots of information about planet Earth while the camera rotates around it, from the names of the various countries, cities and seas to the Wonders of the World, famous buildings, local weather information, ocean currents and more. The screensaver adheres to the day/night cycle and features a starry sky along with the actual phases of the Sun and Moon. You can optionally enter an Interactive Mode to manually control the rotation of the Earth, choose between a physical and a political map of the world, and customize many other settings.

Price 9.99 USD    Disk 319.89 MB    Windows for Windows    Downloads 19,013
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User reviews (9)

It is great .
I like screensaver

by BAYRAM on April 8, 2022

EWWW, the file is too laaaaaaaaaaaarge... I'm i downloading the entire earth /: 250+ Mbs

by user66 on July 12, 2021

Not too bad a cost for this screensaver, but better if free or lower-cost. :)

by Jaqi on March 12, 2021

this is very good

by Rizwan on January 20, 2021

I hope to use in laptop . Please give me linsen

by Rizwan on January 20, 2021

Ok i find again ! Let's Try...

by Dichiara Sujana on July 4, 2019

This Earth 3D is NOT free as advertised

Screensavers Planet: The price is listed next to the download link on this page.

by Janet on June 29, 2019

Amazing screen saver

by Tofan on August 26, 2016

they are awesome

by Con dog Kitterman on April 7, 2016

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