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Dog Licking Screen

This Licking Dog screensaver consists of a looping video of a real pug that licks a glass pane, giving the impression that it is, in fact, licking your screen from the inside. However, your screen may not appear much cleaner afterwards. Sound effects are not included.

Price Free    Disk 2.36 MB    Windows for Windows    Downloads 73,624
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User reviews (60)

adobe flash does not exist anymore so it does not work, but based on what it shouldve looked like ill rate it 5 stars

by unknown helper on March 16, 2024

cant get it to work but i decompiled the SWF and extracted the video so i can experience it
10/5 even tho it wont work on my pc

by Friday on February 16, 2024

it feels very nice

by harsh kothavale on August 1, 2023

its looking and i need screensaver

by malloiu on May 19, 2022


by ranjeet on March 10, 2022


by VALIC on January 13, 2022

Awesome love it

by Alin Marinuc on January 12, 2022

it doesn't work of Mac even though the website saids so😡

by poop head on May 20, 2021


by claudia on September 2, 2020

awww i like this screen saver

by Bruno on June 12, 2020

Not very clear, its pixelated and doesn't fit screen

by S on May 2, 2020

i love pugs so does my grama so i wish i could get a real live pug

by madalinn henderson on February 4, 2020

It used to be great but needs to be converted to HTML5 format since flash support on chrome is ending next year. When enabling flash, it just locks up.

by Karen on September 24, 2019

woof its woofing cute

by woofers on September 3, 2019

it is so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Gemma on June 24, 2019

Best Screensaver.. Relieves the stress.

by Vinny on May 9, 2019

it's good

by connor on May 9, 2019


by Bob on March 9, 2019

Its so cool

by Jet on February 5, 2019


by hgvfcdxs on December 6, 2018

This is so cool and this is a serious cool one

by Amanda on October 21, 2018

Aw! Who could say no to this pup?

by Kevin ''Kevdog'' Foor, Jr. on October 10, 2018

I like it!

by Paul De Rungs on October 6, 2018

like it

by bhavu on September 29, 2018

is good

by adem on September 17, 2018


by Hamish on August 17, 2018


by jjjjjjj on August 6, 2018

It makes a black screen when it is supposed to come up

by kickmanofdoom on July 29, 2018

so cute! low res but cute!

by nina on June 27, 2018

Can't figure out how to get it to work.

by GEth on June 14, 2018

freaking awesome!

by adrian delos cientos on June 2, 2018


by phil place on May 10, 2018


by shinymol on April 21, 2018

Upside: It's so cute!
Downside: It lowers my resolution from 1920x1080 to 1280x720.

by yaauuey on February 18, 2018


by nick on January 22, 2018

it is funny

by jimmy on December 5, 2017

its pretty cool

by Jack, Russel on October 30, 2017

its awesome thanks

by jator on September 15, 2017


by aryan on September 1, 2017

This is delightfully different i will always. Smile in spite of the pain I'm in.

by Nancy Holland on June 4, 2017


by SONNY on March 9, 2017

You can never go wrong with a dog or cat being their neurotic selves....It's a gift to us from our pets!

by Annie on March 7, 2017

Its totally Adorbs

by Taylor Swift on February 21, 2017

love it

by judith McLennan on January 6, 2017


by unknown on January 6, 2017

adorable, of course.

by izzy on December 16, 2016

Is that a pug? Who cares its adorable!

by Whitley on December 8, 2016

sooo cute but low resolution

by sanchit on September 11, 2016

This is so precious! My classmates good bananas for this wittle guy

by The Archer Warrior Princess on August 20, 2016


by jonh snow on August 19, 2016

This is amazing! I love this, and i love pugs!

by epicaldoge on July 4, 2016

Great Idea, but terrible resolution. Looks like youtube in 2005

by Simon on June 10, 2016

I am downloading my screen saver and hope its really cute


by KittyCookie on April 1, 2016


by jimmy on March 23, 2016

It sets my screen resolution really low when I use. Besides that it is really cute.

by Isaac on February 3, 2016


by zoe stewart on January 6, 2016

there soooo amazing and cute i live alone with my 20 dogs and their not friendly at all so virtual pets licking the screen is the best thing in my life right now !!!!!!!!! <3 <3

by michek on December 31, 2015

This screen saver is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute
the dog is so chubbgy

by Dovran Babayev on December 3, 2015

Love it! (so does my dog!)

by Annmarie on November 28, 2015

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