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Downloading Autumn in Utah

Your download of the Autumn in Utah screensaver should start in 4 seconds. If you need help installing this screensaver onto your computer, please find instructions below.

If your download does not begin automatically, please click here to start it manually.

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Installation instructions

For Microsoft Windows computers:

  1. Double-click on the file you downloaded above, then click "Yes" to begin the installation process.
    • If you get a "Copy error!" warning, abort the installer. Right-click on the autumninutah.exe file in your downloads folder, select "Run as administrator" and proceed with the next step.
  2. A "readme" file will be opened in Notepad while the installer is busy copying the necessary files to your computer. Once completed, you will be asked if you want make this your default screensaver.
  3. The screensaver has been installed. Click "OK", then use Windows's Screen Saver Settings panel to modify the settings, such as redraw speed and muting of music, to your liking.