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3D Falling Money

A highly customizable screensaver that features coins falling down against a black background. The 3D-rendered coins can be set to either bounce or tumble, and you can adjust the screen resolution for smoother animations, as well as the number of objects (coins), the speed with which they fall, and their average size. Please consult the installation notes before installing this screensaver as it may not function properly otherwise.

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Installation instructions

Microsoft Windows

  1. Double-click on the downloaded file (3dfallingmoney.exe) to begin the installation process.
  2. After clicking "Next" you will be asked to choose the folder you would like to extract the screensaver files to. You will need to enter the location of the Windows folder on your local disk. On most computers, this is "C:\Windows" (without quotation marks). Alternatively, you can use the "Browse" button to manually select the folder. Click "Next" to proceed.
    • If you now get an error stating "Could not extract the current file. Access is denied," you will need to re-initiate the installation process with administrator rights. Right-click on the "3dfallingmoney.exe" file in your downloads folder and select "Run as administrator".
  3. The screensaver will now be installed onto your computer. You will then be able to find and configure it through Windows's Screen Saver Settings panel, where it is named "3DfallingMoney".

Anti-virus report for 3D Falling Money

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Virus scanner3dfallingmoney.exe
MalwarebytesMalware.Heuristic.1003 *
Last scanned2 weeks ago

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  1.   3dfallingmoney.exe (Windows)
File report #1
File name3dfallingmoney.exe
Target system Microsoft Windows
File size286.99 kB (293,878 bytes)
File typePortable Executable (EXE)
Detection ratio1/14 (7.14%)   View report
Total downloads622
Last downloaded1 week ago
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