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3D Christmas Cottage

The 3D Christmas Cottage screensaver includes 3 scenes, one of which will be randomly chosen when it starts, although you can also set it up to always use one of the three. Each scene consists of a landscape featuring a cottage decorated for the Christmas holiday, with lights hanging on the roof and in nearby trees, and snowy mountains visible in the dusky evening sky. Snow flakes fall down and various birds and rabbits fly or walk around the screen as music plays in the background, though all of these can optionally be disabled.

Known issue 1: if you are on Windows 8 or 10 and receive an error about Flash while installing, close the installer, download and run this file, then restart the installation process.

Known issue 2: If you don't allow your system to be tested to automatically detect the optimal settings for the screensaver during installation, you may get a "Runtime Error" when the screensaver attempts to run. You will need to click the "Test my system for optimal settings" button under the "Video" tab of the screensaver's settings panel to resolve this.

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Small screenshot 1 of 3D Christmas CottageSmall screenshot 2 of 3D Christmas CottageSmall screenshot 3 of 3D Christmas Cottage

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3d Snowy Cottage Screensaver11 year ago

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by Mimi Boom on December 14, 2021

Very very nice ! I thought I never could download it again (freeze.com is closed since so many years...) I'm happy to find it here, on your site ! Screensavers Planet is the best site and we can trust it ! Thank you very much and have a nice Xmas & a happy new year 2021 !!

by Alan C. on December 22, 2020

This is a great screensaver, freeze.com has some of the best screensavers ever. Screensaver planet is amazing for uploading this.

by Evan on May 14, 2020

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