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windows xp logon screensaver

Hello again, i have been seeking the log on screensaver from windows xp (the one that has the logo that moves around the screen) i have only the windows 2000 one.

does anyone know where i can find it the .scr so i can download it?

i found this program by a person called springsTS which i think may be a good addition to your website, i would suggest you discuss it with him.

Anonymous1 year ago

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  • Hello, thanks for posting to the message board.

    I pulled the logon.scr file from two Windows XP installations, one 32-bit and the other 64-bit. You can download them from here if you like. The logon_xp_64 screensaver works for me on Windows 10 64-bit, the logon_xp_32 screensaver does not.

    The specific version of Windows, in this case "Professional", is included in the logo, so it may not be as generic as you'd like to see it, but hopefully this helps!

    That random screensaver picker looks pretty good, I'll probably add it to the site soon.

    Thanks again!

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)1 year ago

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