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Update needed for MacOS cataline

Hello! Will you update this to work on MacOS Catalina? It stopped working for me and says that it needs an update from you guys.

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Sinem4 weeks agomacOS 10.15, Firefox

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  • Hello Sinem,

    Thanks for posting to the message board.

    We did not develop the Grid Clock screensaver. It's an open-source project hosted by GitHub. You could try filing a new issue there for Catalina compatibility.

    As you probably know, Catalina is still in the development stage, i.e. it's not yet publicly released. Developers need some time to catch up. Also, Apple is unfortunately changing quite a few things related to how screensavers run on the operating system, and I expect the majority of Mac screensavers will not work on Catalina.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)4 weeks ago

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