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Stop working after an update

The screensaver stopped working after the Windows update. I think it has to do with the flash player. Is there a possibility for a fix

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Thorsten2 years agoWindows 10 x64, Google Chrome

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  • We're looking into possible workarounds for this issue, but it may take some time. This is a relatively simple Flash-based screensaver, so it would make a good candidate.

    Please check back in a few weeks.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)2 years ago

  • Ok, that sounds good. Thank you for the information and a possible solution!

    Thorsten2 years ago

  • Please let me know if there is an update for the lcars 47 SS since without flash it just takes up disk space (boo-hoo) :(


    Michael Frank2 years ago

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