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Still can't uninstall!!!!!

Downloaded GitHub Matrix, followed instructions to uninstall a screensaver that won't just uninstall, but it's not in the ~/Library screensavers, or the /System/Library screensavers! What do I do to make it go away? Should I be worried?

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Help Please2 weeks agomacOS 10.15.7, Google Chrome

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  • You've tried right-clicking it from the Screen Saver panel and clicking "Delete Matrix", I presume? If not, it should be in your personal Library, as it is in mine:

    /Users/Rob/Library/Screen Savers/GitHubMatrix.saver

    If it's not there, are you sure it's still installed? Try re-opening the Screen Saver panel.

    Nothing to worry about, the screensaver is harmless. However, it does appear to be working anymore. The developer took down the server that provided the feed from GitHub. I'll see if I can get that fixed, otherwise I'll remove it from the site.

    Rob (Screensavers Planet)2 weeks ago

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